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Vancouver Poet/Activist Bud Osborn in OTTAWA - Nov2-3


with David Lester and Wendy Atkinson

Ottawa Stop on National Tour for poet / music pairing

***Public Performance Locations***

Tuesday, November 2nd
10 pm, HI FI Club,
209 Rideau Street

Wednesday, November 3rd
12pm-12:45pm RMOC (Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton) Building,
Rotunda, 111 Lisgar

Wednesday, November 3rd
2:30pm – 4pm
St. John’s Anglican Church,
154 Somerset St. West, (corner of Elgin)
Sponsored by: Oasis

Wednesday, November 3rd
8pm – 11pm: Mike’s Place Event
2nd Floor, Unicentre,
Carleton University
Sponsored by: CKCU, OPIRG-Carleton,
Sociology and Anthropology Graduate Student Caucus, Octopus Books

All performances are ‘pay what you can’.
For info call 232-0410 or e-mail kelliott@ccs.carleton.ca

Poet Bud Osborn is Vancouver’s foremost spokesperson for the ‘scorned and
the scapegoated’ in the Downtown Eastside. Renowned as the poorest
neighbourhood in Canada, the Downtown Eastside is also a community of ‘brave
souls fighting for their dignity’. Osborn joined forces with musicians David
Lester (Mecca Normal) and Wendy Atkinson (Barbarash and Hazel Motes) on a CD
entitled Hundred Block Rock.  The songs on Hundred Block Rock (the title
refers to the 100 block of Hastings and Main Street) are a haunting
refraction of the marginalized despair and hopefulness of Osborn’s
neighbours. The CD was recorded live on a downtown Vancouver rooftop
capturing the raw energy of Osborn’s performance. The music travels the
landscape of punk rock, folk, pop and avant-garde.  A book of poetry also
entitled Hundred Block Rock was released this summer by Arsenal Pulp Press.

Bud Osborn’s book Keys to Kingdoms (Published by Get to the Point Press) won
the City of Vancouver Book Prize in October 1999. A dramatic film based on
Osborn’s poem ‘Keys to Kingdoms’ received the Telefilm Canada Award for Best
Emerging Director at the Vancouver International Film Festival.  The film
was sold to CBC for their Reflections series and won several other
international film festival awards.  Osborn was also featured in the
one-hour documentary Down Here, shown nationally on CTV in 1998, in which he
galvanizes community opposition to developers.  Osborn will feature on a CBC
Arts Report later this Fall, and a live performance of Osborn with Wendy
Atkinson and David Lester will be aired on Much Music.

Bud Osborn, a former heroin addict himself, has been at the center of
reformation initiatives as a member of the Vancouver/Richmond Health Board,
the Downtown Eastside Residents Association and the Carnegie Center.  He
continues to work on numerous campaigns concerning issues such as
homelessness and harm reduction, both locally and federally.

Bud Osborn with Wendy Atkinson and David Lester are currently touring
Canada, with stops on the current leg in Toronto and Montreal.

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