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car sharing club

Is anyone interestd in starting a car-sharing club here in Ottawa? There's
going to an initial organizational meeting:

Wednesday November 3rd, 
7:00 pm
85 Florence, #2

The club would probably lease a car, and users could pay a refundable
membership share, a small monthly membership fee, and user fees based
directly on how much one used the vehicle.

The car would be parked in the parking lot, it could be booked ahead of
time, or accessible on a whim if not being used.

Different groups are set up differently, but the Victoria group, for
example, uses the following rates:

$10 monthly admin fee
Usage: 25c/km, plus $1.50/hr or $19.95/day  (price includes gas)
       15c/km for longer trips, not incl. gas
       $130/week (plus km)
All the repairs, insurance, gas (except as noted), parking would be
included.  Lots of access, a modern vehicle, little hassle, low cost, no
moving to avoid parking tickets.  

The Victoria one also has a $400 refundable membership fee, and a 
$100 non-refundable membership fee. But various groups around Canada have
different rate schedules...

If we could get a car-share set-up going here, as individuals we could
save money, retain dependable car access, and help lead the way in
reducing the worst environmental aspect in our society - car use!

I'd be very interested to hear from anyone who'd be interested, there's
some more research to be done plus some work to actually get things going 
and figure out how we want it to work in Ottawa.

Please email or call me, or just show up on Wednesday!

Huss 235-6763

(sorry for the cross-postings...)

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