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libby davies tonight

just a reminder about a public speaking event tonight

++Please circulate widely++

Why does Canada have enough money to consider joining the American
Anti-Ballistic Missile "Star Wars" programme but not the money to provide
adequate housing for all in Canada? How can we afford to spend US$7.8
billion on the military (1997) while not everyone has housing in Canada? Is
housing a victim of the war economy? Join us for a public speaking event:

The 1% solution: A strategy which will allow everyone to Really Take Cover

Wednesday, 27th October, 7:00 pm
Marion Hall, Ottawa University (140 Louis Pasteur)

with Libby Davies, MP for Vancouver East (NDP)
introduced by Murray Thomson - Society of Friends and Founding Director of
Peacefund Canada
organised by Homes not Bombs - Ottawa
with the support of: Faith Partners, OPIRG-University of Ottawa,

Libby Davies will discuss the following motion she will raise in the
House of Commons later this fall, "the government should adopt a national
housing strategy ... that recognises housing as a human right and meets the
goal of providing an additional 1% of federal ... spending to meet basic
housing needs in Canada.".

++Please circulate widely++

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