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Sustainable communities

  (notice care of Dianne Holmes)

WHAT: The Nepean Environmental Commitee presents and Environmental Symposium
      on Sustainable Communities
WHEN: October 30, 1999. 10am-3pm
WHERE:Ben Franklin Place, 101 Centrepoint Drive, Nepean
	  (walking distance from Baseline transitway station)
WHO:  Nepean Environmental Committee, contact stephani.roy@city.nepean.on.ca

  Doug Pollard, Senior Researcher, Sustainable Planning & Regulatory Group,
       CMHC, Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods

  Azzah Jenna, Program Offier, Federation of Canadian Municipalities
	Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions - Partners for Climate
  Gerry Larocque, Environmental, Planning and Development Consultant
	Longfields Demonstration Project - Incorporating Strategies for a
	more Sustainable Neighbourhood.

	1. Development of Sustainable Communities: identifying barriers
	and developing planning standards and market interest
	2. Expanding the Adpotion of Partners for Climate Protection 
	Program - Challenges and Strategies for communities in the reduction
	of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

	Develop[ment of sustainable communites in the Ottawa-Carleton area
	identification of common terms of reference/common goals

Speeches will be open to the public, however lunch and workshops are by
invitation only.

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