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Fwd: Genetic Engineering Action Planning

You are invited to a meeting of the Ottawa Public Working Group on 
Food Concerns Monday November 1, 7:00, at the YMCA on Argyle St. (the 
room number will be posted in the lobby - there is a black bulletin 
board at the bottom of the stairs).

We will share news and discuss some issues around late-breaking 
developments like the success of stalling the "Food Bill" and our 
past information pickets. We will plan community events to get more 
letters written to grocery chains and the government.

Please join us.

For further information contact Lucy Sharratt at 235 1672 or Richard 
Wolfson at 565 1838.

Jamie Kneen 					       tel: 613.236.9188
4-259 Cambridge St. North	 		       fax: 613.236.8632
Ottawa, Ontario  K1R 7B1  Canada		  e-mail: jkneen@web.net
Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.
                                                             - Bertolt Brecht
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