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Nov. 5th: The Struggle for the Land: the Crees vs the Big Guns

NOVEMBER 5th as part of OPIRG's Working Our Campaigns
the Dam-Reservoir Working Group of OPIRG-Carleton is pleased to 
invite you to a talk on the Cree Nation's and activists' 
struggle to preserve the boreal forests and their land 
from corporate and government interests.

From 2-4 pm in Baker's Lounge in the Unicentre at Carleton U
there will be a 47 minute video and talk on the Crees struggle 
to preserve their lands [including a sacred mountain] from Domtar,
a forestry multinational.

Geoffery Quaile, a forestry specialist with the Grand Council 
of the Crees of Quebec will speak.

TBA: another speaker on the victory re: the Great Whale
hydro project will also speak. Details as soon as available.

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