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CKCU Funding Drive

CKCU Radio 1999 Funding Drive
October 29th to November 14th

We're asking you to give 110%!

CKCU Radio's annual funding drive kicks off this afternoon at 1 PM 
with a lineup of special guests.

We're inviting our listeners ans supporters to dial us at 520-3920 
(or 1-877-520-3920 toll free in North America) to pledge their 
support to Canada's oldest campus and community radio station.

New this year we can also take pledges and payments on-line at 
our website http://ckcu.web.net.

CKCU Radio is located on the Carleton University Campus, but is 
not affiliated with Carleton.  CKCU's funding comes from listener 
donations, am annual student levy, and a limited amount of 
sponsorship sales.  CKCU receives no funding of any sort from 
Carleton University.

Programming at CKCU (in 15 languages) is produced by 250 
unpaid volunteer programmers.

CKCU Radio broadcasts at 93.1 FM in the Ottawa-Carleton region, 
and in RealAudio on the Internet.

CKCU is a Registered Charity, and issues income tax receipts for 

For more information on CKCU's 1999 Funding Drive tune in to 93.1 
CKCU, or contact the station at the numbers below.
Barry Rueger
CKCU Radio Carleton Inc.
517 Unicentre, 1125 Colonel By Drive
Carleton University
Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6
613-520-2600 x 1625 office 
613-520-4060 fax
613-274-4441 home
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