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Council of Akwesasne Press Release and details of Protest Rally Against Shipment of Plutonium

Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Press Release:

Protest Rally Against Shipment of Plutonium

The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne in cooperation with the St. Regis 
Mohawk Tribe, the Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs and the City of 
Cornwall have called for a peaceful protest rally on Thursday, 
November 4, 1999.  This rally is against the proposed shipment of 
plutonium (MOX) through our territorial waters and through the City 
of Cornwall.

The tentative schedule will include the following:

Meet at the Peace Tree Mall, Cornwall Island at 11:00 am sharp to get 
organized and start caravan of vehicles over the Three Nations Bridge 
Crossing (Cornwall Island Northspan).  The caravan will then be 
escorted by the Cornwall City Police down Brookdale Avenue to Water 
Street then to the Cornwall Civic Complex.  Other community action 
groups and anti nuclear activists will meet us at the Civic Complex 
to join us in our protest.

The rally will be at the band shell in Lamoureux Park, which will 
consist of various speeches from local Government Officials and other 
interested groups.  The peaceful rally should last 3 hours.

We encourage your full support as this proposed action will affect us 
now AND for the Next Seven Generations to come.

For more information contact:

Akwesasne Emergency Measures
Larry White or Lee Sunday at (613) 575-2377
Mohawk Council Government Office at (613) 575-2348


11:00 AM  Meet at Peace Tree Mall on Cornwall Island
- Briefing
- Hand out signs
- Organize convoy

11:30 AM  Start Convoy
- Police Traffic Control (C.I.) AMPS
- Police Escort Cornwall City Police

12:00 Noon  Meet at Civic Complex
- Sound system with Microphone and or Bull horn
- Media (Newspapers: Massena, Watertown, Peoples Voice, Indian Times; 
Television Crews: NBC, CJOH, CBC)
- Speakers: MCA, Cornwall City Council, SRMT Chief, Nation Chief, 
M.A.S.H. Rep., Community Action Rep., Elder, Youth)

2:30 PM  End rally

Speakers 10 minutes each


Convoy of cars:
- First car: Council/Leaders, Emergency Measures
- Control team: Environment SRMT, Environment MCA
- Groups: Community Tribe, Community MCA, Travelling College, 
Students (Freedom School, AMBE Schools, CO-OP, Cornwall Schools), 
Community Action Group (Cornwall), Anti-nuclear (Campaign for Nuclear 
Phaseout, Sierra Youth Coalition, Greenpeace)
- Mayor, Cornwall
- Chief Kahnawake
- Chiefs MCA
- Chiefs Nation
- Other First Nations

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