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Nov.7 - Remembrance Ceremony: Aboriginal Rights

                         SUNDAY  - NOV. 7, 1999   ***  ALL ARE WELCOME

2:00  -  Parliament Hill - Ceremony to honour Leonard Peltier, Dudley George
and others 
          who have sacrificed  their lives for Aboriginal land, treaty,
cultural, political and
          economic rights.

          Speakers - Warren Allmand, Pres. Internat. Centre for Human Rights
and Democratic
                              -  Ethel LaValley, Aboriginal VicePres,
Canadian Labour Congress
                              -  Ann Pohl, Coalition for an Public Inquiry
into Ipperwash
                              -  Bernadette Rudlsuela, Leonard Peltier
Defense Cttee/Canada
          Entertainers - Willie Dunn and Shoshona Kish

3:00  -  Procession to Human Rights Monument (Elgin St. south of Laurier
Ave.) for a
               ceremony led by Algonquin traditional teacher Bob Lovelace.

4:30  -  Feast at First Baptist Church, 140 Laurier Ave. W. (at Elgin).  If
you can assist with                      pot-luck for the Feast (even one
dessert) or in set-up/clean-up, please call 235-9956
              and leave a message.

For more info:  Ann Pohl <annpohl@interlog.com> or 416-537-3520
Aboriginal Rights Coaliton, Ottawa - 235-9956.

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