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Ottawa Car Sharing!

Ottawa Car Sharing!	s1222082@aix2.uottawa.ca

We're looking for people interested in setting things up.
We're starting to compile a list of people who want to join once things
are set up.
And we need a car! If anyone knows of someone interested in donating
one, let us know! (A donated car would mean quicker start-up and cheaper
rates versus buying/leasing.)

Sunday Nov 14th
13:00 hrs
85 Florence, Apt. 2

1) Welcome newcomers, and determine initial list of people interested in
   participating in the "working groups", who will ultimately form Board
   of Directors for Ottawa Car-Sharing Co-op.
2) Present draft of "articles of incorporation", and get any suggestions
   for revisions (I'll email these out before the meeting to interested
3) Present initial budget (I'll email this out before meeting).
4) Determine status of "car-acquisition" working group.
5) Determine status of "insurance" working group.
6) Determine status of "government funding" working group.
7) Set date and topics for next meeting

If you have any questions about car-sharing in general or suggestions,
please don't hesitate to contact us!

---General Info--------------------------------------------------------

1) Become incorporated as a co-op before the New Year.
2) Start date - May 1st 2000 (hopefully sooner!) with first car(s)
   located centrally to Centretown/Sandy Hill 

(all prices include insurance, gas, repairs, admin fees, etc, etc, etc...)

Kitchener (co-op):
$400 (refundable if you leave) "share", $20 application fee
Weekdays     $1.40/hr, 21 cents/km or 16 cents/km if >200km
Weekends     $1.80/hr, 21 cents/km or 16 cents/km if >200km
$1.00 admin fee per trip
(no hourly charge from 11pm - 7am)

Vancouver (co-op):
$500 (refundable if you leave) "share", $20 application fee
"Weekender"  $35/month membership, $1.50/hr, 15 cents/km
"Regulars"   $10/month membership, $1.50/hr, 25 cents/km
"Car-Free"   $50/year membership,  $1.50/hr, 30 cents/km

Toronto (privately owned business):
$500 (refundable if you leave), $10 key deposit, $20 application fee
"Regular"    $20/month membership, $2.00/hr, 25 cents/km
"Frequent"   $40/month membership, $2.00/hr, 20 cents/km
"Casual"     $5 /month membership, $2.00/hr, 40 cents/km
(no hourly charge from 12am - 6am)

Victoria (co-op):
$500 ($400 of which is refundable if you leave) "share", $10 key deposit
Individual   $20/month membership, $2.00/hr, 35 cents/km
Group of 4   $100/month membership, $2.00/hr, 35 cents/km (but $875 share, 
                  $700 of which is refundable)
(no hourly charge from 11pm-7am)

Kitchener car-sharing  www.peoplescar.org
Vancouver              www.cooperativeauto.net
Toronto                www.autoshare.com
Victoria               vvv.com/~carshare  

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