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Funeral for A Friend: Terry Cottam, 1958-1999

          R.I.P.:  Terry Richard Cottam 1958-1999.
It is with the deepest regret that I pass on the unhappy news, 
on behalf of Terry's mom and Terry's friend, Daniel Guertin, 
that Terry passed away on Friday Nov. 5th, after a 2 week illness. :-(

Both the funeral and visitations will be held at McEvoy-Shields
Funeral Home, which is located in downtown Ottawa, on Kent St. 
at Lisgar, Ottawa, ON.

The service will be on Wednesday, folowed by cremation and 
intermment at Pinecrest Cemetary.

The wake is to be held on Tuesday November 9th, twice: 
Once at 2-4 pm and again at 7-9 pm.

The funeral service will be on Wednesday November 10th at 4 pm, followed 
by cremation and interment at Pinecrest.

** Dan and Terry's family and close friends are asking that,       **
** in lieu of flowers, donations be made to organizations with     **
** which he was involved and which he supported, such as CFOB      **
** [Canadian Friends of Burma] and ETAN [East Timor Alert Network].**

Although Reid and Daniel are doing their best to locate everyone whom
Terry knew to let them know of his passing so that they might pay 
Terry their last respects, there is some trouble locating people
due to a missing phone book.
Therefore Dan and Reid have asked me to ask you to please pass 
this unfortuante news on to anyone you know who knew Terry who 
is not on the list so that they may attend the wake[s] and/or 
service.  Terry touched many peole's lives and we want to make sure
that everyone who needs to know he has pased on, does. Thank you
for any help in this regard...


            Terry, we'll miss you...

May you find the peace that eluded you here on earth.
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