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CKCU-FM funding drive: Physics and Flamenco [LET X = X]


"From Physics to Flamenco"

Monday November 7th, from 6:00 to 6:30 pm

CKCU's science show, Let X = X will be
having its annual live for funding drive show.

This is our annual fundraiser.  Donations over 20 dollars are tax 
deductable, 'cause the station is a registered charity.

Last year we featured a talk with computer and internet 
consultant Russell McOrmond on the Y2K problem and gave 
some great giveaways to those dialling and donating.

THIS YEAR the theme is: From Physics to Flamenco! :-)

We feature an interview and some tunes from atmospheric physicist, Anton
Covic, and find out how a guy who made his living at the Canadian Space 
Agency came to be making his living as a flamenco guitarist [and a darn 
fine one!]. Plus lots of cool giveaways [stuff from Scientique Science 
Boutique, run by the Museum of Science and Technology].

So.. join Anton, Dan Smythe and myself and have some fun, tune in,
groove to some passionate flamenco and some cool science while you
support Ottawa's only science radio station.  Dial and donate, tommorrow.
Every second week, Let X = X examines the cutting edge and the nooks
and unexplored crannies of science...  like, is there a couch potato 
gene? ;)  You think I'm making this up! :)

From science and its ethical impacts to new environmentally friendly
technologies, to the science of sex, to the science of conservation, 
to transgenic foods, to the Big Bang and beyond...

Let X = X, science with an edge....

invites you to listen in and dial and donate...

Monday 6-6:30 pm 93.1 FM

LET X = X, for the love of sceince...

signed on behalf of the CKCU-FM Science Collective,
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