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Ottawa Car Sharing

Ottawa Car Sharing

Sunday Nov 14th
13:00 hrs
85 Florence, Apt. 2

We're looking for people interested in setting things up.
We're starting to compile a list of people who want to join once things
are set up.
And we need a car(s)! If anyone knows of someone interested in donating
one, let us know! (A donated car(s) would mean quicker start-up and
cheaper rates versus buying/leasing.)

If you have any questions about car-sharing in general or suggestions,
please let us know.

---General Info--------------------------------------------------------

1) Become incorporated as a co-op before the New Year.
2) Start date - May 1st 2000 (hopefully sooner!) with first car(s)
   located centrally to Centretown/Sandy Hill 

(all prices include insurance, gas, repairs, admin fees, etc, etc, etc...)

Kitchener (co-op):
$400 (refundable if you leave) "share", $20 application fee
Weekdays     $1.40/hr, 21 cents/km or 16 cents/km if >200km
Weekends     $1.80/hr, 21 cents/km or 16 cents/km if >200km
$1.00 admin fee per trip
(no hourly charge from 11pm - 7am)

Vancouver (co-op):
$500 (refundable if you leave) "share", $20 application fee
"Weekender"  $35/month membership, $1.50/hr, 15 cents/km
"Regulars"   $10/month membership, $1.50/hr, 25 cents/km
"Car-Free"   $50/year membership,  $1.50/hr, 30 cents/km

Toronto (privately owned business):
$500 (refundable if you leave), $10 key deposit, $20 application fee
"Regular"    $20/month membership, $2.00/hr, 25 cents/km
"Frequent"   $40/month membership, $2.00/hr, 20 cents/km
"Casual"     $5 /month membership, $2.00/hr, 40 cents/km
(no hourly charge from 12am - 6am)

Victoria (co-op):
$500 ($400 of which is refundable if you leave) "share", $10 key deposit
Individual   $20/month membership, $2.00/hr, 35 cents/km
Group of 4   $100/month membership, $2.00/hr, 35 cents/km (but $875 share, 
                  $700 of which is refundable)
(no hourly charge from 11pm-7am)

Kitchener car-sharing  www.peoplescar.org
Vancouver              www.cooperativeauto.net
Toronto                www.autoshare.com
Victoria               vvv.com/~carshare  

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