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Tonight! Monday, Nov. 15 : Indigenous Leader Speaking in Ottawa

>Colombian Indigenous Leader
>Kimi Pernia Domico
>Traditional Leader of the Embera-Katio
>A public discussion at University of Ottawa.
>ROOM 317
>@ 7:00pm
>KIMI PERNIA DOMICO, traditional leader of the Embera-Katio People arrives
>in Ottawa to give testimony at Parliamentary Review of the Export
>Development Act.
>In Colombia's northwest, in the ancestral territory of the Embera-Katio
>people, the 700 million-dollar Urra Hydroelectric Project has altered the
>waters of the Sinú River and threatened the livelihood and culture of
>indigenous communities.  This dam was built with the help of an 18.2
>million (US dollars) credit from the Export Development Corporation (EDC)
>of Canada.  A Canadian firm named "Agra-Monenco" has been hired to monitor
>the project's environmental impact.  Indigenous leaders, however, have
>expressed concerns that the Canadian Company has increasingly sided with
>the Urra Corporation. Since 1996, the Embera-Katio people have mobilized
>strong opposition to this project and a Constitutional Court has
>temporarily halted the filling of the dam.  Right-wing paramilitaries,
>allegedly allied with local business/landowning interests, have threatened
>and murdered indigenous leaders in an attempt to weaken any resistance to
>this Megaproject.
>On November 16, 1999, a Parliamentary Review will be held to examine the
>Export Development Act, the regulatory framework within which the EDC
>operates. Kimi Pernia Domico will testify in front of this review to the
>effects the Urra project has had on their community, with the hope that the
>EDC will be obliged to follow an investment agenda more consistent with
>international human rights standards.  It is hoped that Canada will also be
>persuaded to pressure the Colombian government into controlling the
>activities of the Urra corporation, investigate into the deaths and
>disappearances of outspoken indigenous leaders and human rights activists
>and act to protect the rights of the Embera-Katio.
>Kimi Pernia will arrive in Ottawa this Thursday, November 11 and will
>remain until November 16. He will be available for public speaking events,
>interviews with the media and meetings with interested groups to speak on
>the struggles of the Embera-Katio people against powerful economic
>interests within the context of Colombia's dramatically escalating internal
>• An open public discussion will be held on Monday, Nov. 15 @ 7:00pm
>	University of Ottawa
>	Tabaret Hall
>	Room 317
>If you would like more information or would like to meet Kimi, please
>contact Pablo Leal @ 747-9930 or email pleal@cyberus.ca

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