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Radical Reading on WTO

When: Monday November 29, 7pm 

Where: Fox and Feather Pub (283 Elgin, upstairs in back room)

Some Suggested Readings (other suggestions welcome):

1. http://www.zmag.org/CrisesCurEvts/Globalism/GlobalEcon.htm
Articles on the Z Mag web page:  on the left hand of your screen, click on
"Particularly Good  WTO-Related Articles from Around the Web" and read
artciles of your choice.

2. "Challenging the WTO" and "Actions on the Front Lines" from the
WorldWatch Institute, which is also on-line at: http://www.worldwatch.org/
 Click on the Nov/DEc issue at the bottom of the screen to download articles. 

3. Others please feel free to recommend readings -- send them to me if
you're not on the radical reading group listserv and I will post them there.  

General Discussions Questions:  

*What does the reading suggest about local visions of social, economic,
political change?

*How does the reading potentially impact our lives?

*What are the historical roots of this issue?

* What assumptions is the piece based on?  

* How, if at all, does it challenge, impact, or add to your own set of

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