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Ottawa Seminar: Strengthening the Voice of Sri Lankan Women

Mini Seminar on:

Strengthening the Voice of Sri Lankan Women: the  Shakti Project

Presentation by: Ms. Agnes Mendis,  Project Coordinator, Shakti Gender
Equity Project, Sri Lanka

Ms. Mendis, the Shakti Project Coordinator will give an overview of the
context in which the project was developed. She will make a presentation on
the project successes and challenges, and discuss the lessons learned to
date. She will also describe some of the linkages that were established
between Canadian and Sri Lankan organizations on support systems for women
affected by family violence.

Shakti is a five-year CIDA fund which supports sub-projects in three
priority areas: I)  violence against women; ii) women and the economy; and
iii) women's political participation. The purpose of the project is to
strengthen the capacity of government and NGOs to develop, influence and
implement policies, legislation and programs that promote gender equity in
Sri Lanka. Project initiatives are undertaken through policy dialogue, pilot
activities, conferences, workshops, study tours, training programs and
applied research. The project also works with vulnerable women - in the Sri
Lanka context this often means war widows.

On: Tuesday, November 23, 1999, From 12:00 to 14:00

At: Conference Room (202), Second Floor, 1 Nicholas Street, Ottawa

Organized by: South Asia Partnership (SAP) Canada

For further information:

Renée Giroux, SAP Canada

Phone: (613) 241-1333, Fax: (613) 241-1129, E-mail: sap@web.net

Please register your attendance by phone, fax or e-mail

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