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Mon.Nov.22 - 10am - Protest - WTO and GE foods

ON Monday Nov. 22...

Please join us:
10 am  -  Outside the Monsanto Canada office (441 McLaren) to protest
genetically engineered food.  And then walk to:

11 am -  Parliament Hill (in front of West Block, on Wellington between
Metcalfe & O'Connor) to protest the WTO.

Please bring costumes, banners, signs/pickets but most importantly your

The train departs Ottawa at 3:45pm at the train station. 

Aaron Koleszar <aaronk@isn.net>   
National GE / WTO Campaign Coordinator, Sierra Youth Coalition
1200-1 Nicholas St., Ottawa, ON   K1N 7B7
1-888-790-7393     613-241-1615

 Sierra Youth Coalition (SYC) is organizing
the "Trade Train" across the country to the World
Trade Organization (WTO) meetings in Seattle. The
train leaves Halifax on Nov.20, crosses Canada, and
arrives in BC on the 26th, picking up people, and
doing Teach-Ins, actions, and media events along the

Citizens and community groups in cities across the
country are asked to demonstrate against the WTO 
and corporate rule. Demonstrations will be held at 
corporate and government offices and financial districts. 

Aaron Koleszar, SYC "Trade Train" organizer asks "What 
are we trading away? Our forests? Worker's rights?
Endangered species? Our right to regulate genetically
engineered food? Democracy? There is nothing fair
about free trade. It's a race to the top for large
corporations and a race to the bottom for us."

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