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SAVE OUR STOCKS! Join DRWG and help save fish/phytoplankton

SOS! Save Our Stocks! Save Our Salmon! Save Our Sturgeon!

The planet's fish and oceans are in trouble: they need your help.
Do you care about fish and the planet's oxygen supply?

You can help! How?  It's easy!

Just join OPIRG-Carleton's Dam-Reservoir Working Group [DRWG].

DRWG needs volunteers to help organize a Millenial Aquatic 
Habitat Conservation conference, Earth Day activities!  

Email dianne@sandelman.ottawa.on.ca, or grizzly@sandelman.ottawa.on.ca 
with name & phone number so we can set up a good meeting time for everyone. 

Or call (613) 520-2757 and leave a message for Dianne or Jean.

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