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India After Election: Ottawa Presentation

A Presentation on:

Current Indo-Canadian Relations  And  Security Issues in the Region

His Excellency Peter F. Walker
Canadian High Commissioner to India

Date: Wednesday, December 1, 1999
Time: 12:00 - 14:00

Place: Conference Room (202)
Second Floor
1 Nicholas Street

Organized by: South Asia Partnership Canada

More than a year has passed since India and then Pakistan carried out their
nuclear tests. While the US has waived sanctions on India, Canada still
maintains the hard sanctions it imposed on both countries at that time.

India recently held elections and a fragile coalition government led by the
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is currently in power. This BJP led government
is trying to bring forward more populist issues but the wave of
fundamentalism it initially espoused is still strong. In Pakistan, the
military has just overthrown the democratically elected government of Nawaz
Sharif and dissolved the national and provincial assemblies.

Given this rather unstable scenario in the region, this presentation by H.E.
Mr. Walker will give participants an overview of the current situation. A
question and answer session will follow the presentation.

Please RSVP to:
Faruq Faisel, SAP Canada
Phone: (613) 241-1333, Fax: (613) 241-1129, E-mail: sap@web.net

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