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Job Opening - GP Forest Political Officer

>Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 10:44:11 +0100
>From: Elisa Peter <elisa.peter@jokkmokk.se>
>Organization: Taiga Rescue Network
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>To: taiga-urgent <taiga-urgent@sll.fi>
>Subject: Job Opening - GP Forest Political Officer
>Job Advertisement
>Political Officer, Greenpeace International Political Unit
>Forest Political Officer: responsible for framing, developing and
>leading Greenpeace' s political work to ensure lasting protection of
>Persons with an excellent background in environmental policy and
>strategy, particularly in the field of biodiversity protection, and with
>a mix of skills and experience matching the responsibilities below, are
>encouraged to apply in writing to Lesley Hatton at Greenpeace
>International by 10 December, 1999. lhatton@ams.greenpeace.org
>Role of Political Unit Officer :
>Political Officers work as members of a team. Their general role within
>Greenpeace is to monitor and provide timely assessments on political
>developments affecting campaign issues at the international level; to
>contribute to developing effective campaign plans, specifically on
>strategic aspects; to act as principal representative of Greenpeace in
>relations with government, international officials and fora, and the
>business sector, in the framework of international treaties, conventions
>and fora; and to undertake or commission necessary research on legal,
>political and economic issues.
>Principal Responsibilities :
>In close consultation with the Head of the Political Unit, the Campaign
>Coordinator and other relevant colleagues, the Officers :
>* assist in the development and implementation of consistent,
>and effective political strategies aimed at achieving campaign goals;
>* maintain an excellent knowledge of international political, commercial
>and other developments in relation to designated campaign areas;
>* communicate information and assessments within Greenpeace on external
>developments in relation to campaigns, and generally establish the
>as an effective and reliable source of timely and targeted political
>to the organisation;
>* lead (or play senior part in) the organisation's representation at
>intergovernmental and corporate fora, where Greenpeace issues are
>addressed, ensuring effective coordination and the preparation and
>submission of high quality documents and presentations;
>* work within approved budget allocations, and prevailing financial
>Qualifications/Experience required :
>* Proven leadership ability and able to work in a team;
>* Extensive knowledge of the international political and commercial
>decision-making processes and institutions, in particular those where
>campaign issues are handled;
>* track record in developing and successfully implementing strategies
>the translation of public concerns into effective national or
>legal instruments and transformation of industry practices;
>* track record in working with a range of high-level contacts in the NGO
>community, government and international organizations, and the business
>* Able to work effectively under pressure to tight deadlines;
>* Fluency in English, both written and spoken; other languages an asset;
>* Strong written and oral presentation skills;
>* Willing and able to travel frequently and to work outside normal
>Working Conditions :
> This is a full-time position based in Greenpeace International,
> Salary and employee benefits package according to responsibilities of
>Greenpeace aims to be an Equal Opportunities Employer
>Taiga Rescue Network
>Box 116
>S-962 23 Jokkmokk
>Tel: +46 971 17039
>Fax: +46 971 12057
>email: elisa.peter@jokkmokk.se

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