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upcoming Ottawa events around the WTO

This email contains info on three upcoming "events" around the WTO:

1. Action for Nov. 30
2. Meeting to make banners, Nov 28
3. Radical Reading on the WTO, Nov 29

1. Action for Nov. 30

Last night about 10 people met and we decided on the following plan for Nov 30:
 -  meet at Parliament Hill at 11am on Nov. 30th (since other things have
already been organized for then).  
- we will have a big banner and signs that say something along the lines
of: "Parliament has been closed due to takeover by the WTO.  Please go to
the Business Council on National Issues which will be your future
government" -- we will put these up all over ther place
 - we will have tombstones for the victims of the WTO.  If a lot is
happening on the hill, we will plant them there.  But, we may also decide
to do a walk over the the BCNI, holding the banners and tombstone signs, or
into the market where we could likely reach a lot of people and so some
public education
- the OPIRG economic justice working group has been generating a lot of
public education materials that we will be able to give out.

PLease come and join us!!!!!!!!  


Also, everybody is invited to a poster and banner -making evening on Sunday
Nov 28th, 6pm at the Carleton University, 6th floor of the Unicentre, in
the GSA (grad student association) lounge.


Radical Reading Group meets to discuss the WTO 
Monday November 29, 6pm (note the time change from the previous announcement)
Fox and Feather Pub (283 Elgin, upstairs in back room)

Some Suggested Readings and web sites(other suggestions welcome): --
everybody try to learn one thing about the WTO meeting in Seattle to share
with the others. 

1.  A Citizen's Guide to the World Trade Organization - Everything You Need
to Know
      to Fight for Fair Trade  and/or "Testimony"

2. http://www.zmag.org/CrisesCurEvts/Globalism/GlobalEcon.htm
Articles on the Z Mag web page:  on the left hand of your screen, click on
"Particularly Good  WTO-Related Articles from Around the Web" and read
artciles of your choice.

3. "Challenging the WTO" and "Actions on the Front Lines" from the
WorldWatch Institute, which is also on-line at: http://www.worldwatch.org/
 Click on the Nov/DEc issue at the bottom of the screen to download articles. 

or anything else -- 

looking forward to seeing people out. 
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