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All About Wolves Evening

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
Wilderness Slide shows and Presentations
 '99 Chapter Meeting Series
7:00 p.m., Sandy Hill Community Centre (Games Room)
Sandy Hill Community Centre  Games Room
250 Somerset St. E. near the University of Ottawa.

Tuesday, December 7, 1999:  ALL ABOUT WOLVES

Join us for a multi-media evening "All About Wolves".  We'll start
with a slide presentation about the role of wolves in the Algonquin Park
ecosystem and the challenges the Algonquin wolves face.  Following the
slides and a brief break, special guest Becky Mason will introduce the next
feature, a video screening of the classic "Death of a Legend", a film about
wolves by her father, the late
Bill Mason, renowned filmmaker and conservationist.

(quoted from N.F.B. website)               
 "The wolf is yet another species threatened by man and his technology,
largely because of unfounded  myths that have grown up around it. This film
by Bill Mason disproves many of the fallacies. Studies by wildlife
biologists reveal that the wolf helps maintain the balance of nature. The
film contains  some exceptional footage showing the wolf's life cycle and
the social organization of the pack, as well as views of other wilderness
animals: caribou, moose, deer, buffalo.  (1971, Seven awards, including
Toronto; New York; Brussels.)"   

For more information:
Ottawa Valley Chapter / Section Vallée de l'Outaouais
tel:(613) 232-7297   fax:(613) 232-2030  http://www.cpaws-ov.org
National Website:  http://www.cpaws.org
P.O. Box 3072, Station "D", Ottawa, ON, K1P 6H6
Defending wilderness in Ontario and Quebec since 1970

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