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Ban Landmines '99: Panel Presentations

Ban Landmines 99 – Speakers Corner Events
Aberdeen Pavillion, Lansdowne Park
Dec. 2 (12:00-20:00) and Dec. 3 (10:00-18:00)

Public Welcome – Admission Free

2 December

1215-1245   – Official Opening
    – The Honourable Lloyd Axworthy, MFA
    – Mr. Pierre Duplessis, Secretary General, Canadian Red Cross
    – Ms. Valerie Warmington, Co-Chair, Mines Action Canada

1300   Speakers Corner --  From Detection to Destruction, Clearing Mines in
the Field
   Chair – Mr. Robin Collins, Co-Chair, Mines Action Canada
    – Mr. David Horton, Canadian International Demining Centre
    - Mr Steinar Essen, Norwegian Peoples Aid

1530   Speakers Corner – Survivor Assistance in Tajikistan
   Chair – Mr. David Pardoe, Canadian Red Cross
    – Ms. Jackie Wright, Canadian Red Cross

1900   Speakers Corner -- Measuring Progress in Mine Action
   Chair – Ambassador Johan Lovald, Norway (to be confirmed)
-- Mr. Bob Lawson DFAIT/ILX
-- Mr. Bob Eaton, Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation
    -- Mr. Paul Hannon, Mines Action Canada

3 December

1015   Speakers Corner – Canadian Mine Programs in the Field
   Chair – Mr. Andr้ Desjardins, CIDA
 –  Mr. Michael O’Connor, Cooperation Canada Mozambique
    –  Mr. Michael Simpson, Sierra Club, BC
    –  Mr. Matthew Scott, World Vision - Canada
    –  Mr. Peter Wright, International Demining Alliance Canada

1130    Speaker Corner – Survivor Assistance and Mine Awareness
   Chair – Mr. David Pardoe, Canadian Red Cross
    – Ms. Jackie Wright, Canadian Red Cross
    -- Mr. Jerry White, Landmine Survivors Network
    – Ms. Aparna Swaminathan, CIET Canada

1300   Speakers Corner – The Universalization and Implementation of the
Ottawa Convention
   Chair: Mr. Bob Lawson, DFAIT
– Ms. Mary Fowler, United Nations Mine Action Service
    -- Mr. Steve Goose, Human Rights Watch
– Dr. Dick Price, Department of Political Science, University of Minnesota

1430   Speakers Corner -- The Ottawa Convention Two Years Later
    – Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan
    -- The Honourable Lloyd Axworthy
    -- Ms. Jody Williams, ICBL

1600    Speakers Corner – Public Participation in Mine Action
   Chair – Paul Hannon, Mines Action Canada
    Mr. George Chandler, Canadian Red Cross
    Ms. M้lanie Gagnon, Youth Mine Action Ambassador’s Program
    Mr. Kerry Brinkert, Mine Action Team, DFAIT
    Ms. Carla Potts, Mines Action Canada

1800   Event Closes

No More Landmines! No More Victims! No More Excuses!

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