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Fri. Dec.3 - The Grip of Death - lecture

Friday, 3 Dec/99
7:30 pm
First Unitarian Congregation
30 Cleary Ave (north off Richmond Rd, east of Woodroffe)

Admission free.  Donations welcome   Refreshments.

A lecture by the British author MICHAEL ROWBOTHAM, who wrote "The Grip of
Death: A Study of Modern Money, Debt Slavery and Destructive Economics" and
"A Lasting Jubilee", "The Invalidity of Third World Debt, The Drive Behind
Globalization", and "Bankrolling the World into Chaos".

" Forget everything you thought you  knew about money.  In laypersons' terms
... he reveals deeply disturbing ... information ....... about our
debt-based money system that befuddles bankers, economists and politicians.
AN ESSENTIAL SELF-EDUCATION TOOL for anyone interested in creating a world
that works."   
                                             from David C. Korten, author,
"When Corporations Rule the World"

Sponsored by:
The Canadian Action Party
The Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform
Canadians Concerned about Free Trade
The Defense of Canadian Liberty
The Human Rights Institute of Canada
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

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