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FW: Positive comments on Seattle from a protestor

I was given permission to forward these comments to the OPIRG-Carleton list
serve.  Chris Tollefson is a Law Professor at the University of Victoria and
on the board of Sierra Legal Defense Fund.  

Hi Guys,

Probably don't need to tell you this, but take most of what you are reading
and hearing about Seattle and the "violent protesters" with a heaping
tablespoon of salt. there is so much spindoctoring going on that I'm
getting dizzy; and that's not just from the tear gas...

My experience in Seattle, over the last four days, was extremely positive.  

Finally, all of the interests (human rights; churches; developing
countries; enviro; labour; farmers etc) negatively affected by "free" trade
are getting together and making some noise, and also - I think-  some real
headway.   However much the trade elites try to tar 50,000 people as raving
hooligans with nothing to say, won't wash...

I have a ton of excellent material on WTO, trade and environment produced
by a variety of NGOs including Sierra Legal's sister (Earth Justice) and
Public Citizen.  most of it is available electronically: for e.g. see

For an NGO perspective on the WTO proceedings, I highly recommend a daily
newspaper on the Seattle meetings that EJ is putting out called the World
Trade Observer.  To read it go to www.worldtradeobserver.org.

Hopeyou're all well.  I'm fine although I'm not sure yet how I will explain
the media coverage to my kids!!


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