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Genetic Engineering, CITY-TV 8:30 pm Sunday <fwd> debate

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From: Richard Wolfson <rwolfson@concentric.net>
Subject: GE on CityTV next Sunday 8:30 pm

I received  verfication from CityTV that this show will be featured next
Sunday, Dec 5---

Genetically engineered food will be featured next Sun, Dec 5, at 8:30 pm on
CityTV, which comes out of Toronto.  The report will a segment on the show

Several of us were interviewed for the show, including myself, Cindy
Wiggins from the Canadian Health Coalition, Dr. George Neville an outspoken
retired Health Canada scientist, and other health activists, in addition to
two pro-biotech people from Guelph. The 10 min segment on the 30 min show
could be excellent.

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