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Tues.Dec.7 - CBC-TV Marketplace - Biotech Foods

CBC-TV  -  Tues. Dec.7, 1999  -  8:00 pm - Marketplace

The topic is Genetically Engineered Foods: Whither Labelling ?

We don't know quite what the final spin will be, but a couple of weeks ago
CBC's Marketplace came to Ottawa to interview the head of Agrculture Canada's 
Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and also asked to interview 'some ordinary
consumers'.  The Ottawa Public Working Group on Food Concerns obliged with
four of our members!

The programme promo follows:

"The next time you head to the grocery store, it's a
                safe bet that some items in your shopping cart will
                contain genetically modified foods. But you'll never
                know it because nobody has to label them. We
                look into the debate over labelling what some
                have dubbed Frankenfoods."

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