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Dec 7 Senate meeting on whistleblower protection

Dec 7 Senate meeting on whistleblower legislation - Everyone invited

Next Tuesday, Dec 7, at 4:30 pm, the Senate Committee on Privileges, Rules,
and Regulations will be meeting to discuss whistleblower legislation to
protect government employees who report concerns in their department.

The meeting was response in part to action against Dr.  Shiv Chopra, a
scientist at Health Canada who was suspended for five days without pay
after he testified before a Senate Committee about pressure in his
department to approve bovine growth hormone and other drugs of questionable

The Senate meeting will be Tuesday, Dec 7, at 4:30 pm in Centre Block, 172E

The public is invited to attend this meeting to support Dr. Chopra and
other government employees who put their career on stake by voicing their
concerns that the public safety is being sacrificed due to the cozy
relationship between industry and government.

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