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New Book: An Open Conspiracy

I don't know if there will be some kind of launch. I will post it if there is.

>  Transforming Ourselves, Transforming the World, An Open Conspiracy
>  for Social Change
>  We live in an age where unprecedented numbers of people have joined
>  organizations and involved themselves in social action, yet many of
>  us are pessimistic about our ability to create change.  How do we
>  continue to act when there is no guarantee that our actions will
>  ultimately be successful in making a better world?  Inter Pares staff
>  member, Brian Murphy, has written a book for all of us who want to
>  overcome pessimism and play a part in changing society in the
>  direction of peace, justice and dignity for all human beings.  In
>  this book, Brian explores the social and personal dilemmas that can
>  hold us back from social action.  At the same time he explains from
>  real experiences how the various constraints we face can be overcome.
>  The book explores a range of issues that affect our ability as social
>  actors, and puts forward the notion of an "open conspiracy" where
>  citizens from all walks of life can join together in advocacy and
>  action to transform elements of the prevailing social order.  Readers
>  of this thoughtful book will find themselves constantly deepening
>  their understanding of the world around them, as well as empowered to
>  act to change it.
>  This is a book filled with hope.  Far from accepting the myth of
>  inevitability, Brian Murphy dares us to imagine a just future in
>  which ordinary people accept the mantle of intentional citizenship
>  and create a moral alternative to economic globalization.  Read this
>  wonderful book.
>                        ~ Maude Barlow, Chairperson, Council of Canadians.
>  If you are disoriented, dispirited, or simply worn down by the
>  enormity of it all, then curl up with the time-tested wisdom of Brian
>  Murphy as he opens door after door into the miraculous world of
>  social activism.
>                        ~ John Cavanagh, Director, Institute for
>  Policy Studies, Co-Author, Global Dreams: Imperial Corporations and
>  the New World Order
>  ... a hopeful, liberating book.  It takes us to the edge of what we
>  do not know.  What an affirming place to arrive at!
>                        ~ Lance Evoy, Institute for Community
>  Development, Concordia University, Montreal.
>  Brian Murphy's book provides a framework, in fact, almost a map, for
>  those of us who "do believe, deep in our hearts,we shall overcome,
>  some day."  "Must" reading for all social justice activists.
>                        ~ Kim Klein, author, Fundraising for Social
>  Change and publisher of The Grassroots Fundraising Journal
>  Brian Murphy's Transforming Ourselves, Transforming the World is a
>  wake-up call for the human spirit. For those lulled into inaction by
>  hopelessness and fatalism, Murphy implores us to break out of our
>  self-imposed limitations and recognize our vast potential for growth
>  and change. Readers will undoubtedly be inspired to accept his
>  enticing invitation to subvert and conspire in the name of social
>  justice.
>                        ~ Medea Benjamin, Co-Director of Global
>  Exchange, and Author of Bridging the Global Gap
>  Transforming Ourselves, Transforming The World: An Open Conspiracy
>  for Social Change, by Brian K. Murphy, Inter Pares; Published by ZED
>  Books (UK), 1999; ISBN 1 85649 706 2 (UK and USA) and ISBN 1 55266
>  013 3 (Canada).  Distributed in Canada by Fernwood Books, PO Box 406,
>  Station C, Toronto, Ontario, M6J 3P5.  Phone: (416) 595-1085; Fax:
>  (416) 595-1140.  Distributed in the United States by St. Martin's
>  Press.
>  Brian K. Murphy
>  Inter Pares
>  58 Arthur Street
>  Ottawa, Ontario
>  Canada K1R 7B9
>  Phone 1-613-563-4801
>  Fax   1-613-594-4704

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