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(Fwd) WIAM job posting

Position Opening with World Inter-Action Mondiale:
 Project Coordinator for Youth Outreach

World Inter-Action Mondiale (WIAM) is seeking a creative and 
energetic individual for the position of Project Coordinator for Youth 
Outreach. The successful candidate will be responsible for 
developing, administering and implementing “Thinking Globally in 
the Local Classroom,” an educational project aimed at high school 

WIAM is a non-profit global education network with a 26 year 
history of fostering international awareness in the Ottawa region. 
WIAM acts as a catalyst organization to encourage local action 
and involvement in social justice issues, north and south, through 
film, radio and direct outreach. WIAM works to promote progressive 
educational and cultural events; provide a public forum for 
discussion, critical analysis and policy dialogue; support peoples 
struggles at home and abroad; and foster an understanding of the 
links between local and world communities.  

 The Project Coordinator will work with WIAM’s Board and Committees
 to realize the effective delivery of the project. Primary
 responsibilities include:

- developing five film and speaker modules on global issues aimed at high school students;

- implementing the five modules in the senior classes of a selected high school;

- designing and delivering professional development workshops on 
global education for teachers and teachers in training;  

- designing, producing and distributing information kits for youth on 
global issues and resource kits for teachers and teachers-in-
training on teaching about global issues;

- evaluating the effectiveness and impact of the project; writing 
interim and final reports; overseeing the project budget;  

- providing administrative support to WIAM as needed; and 
providing supervision to a student intern during February.

 The ideal candidate will possess the following attributes:

- knowledge of popular and innovative education techniques; 

- a background in education, either in the formal or non-formal 

- a background in and knowledge of international development and global  issues;

- experience in project management;

- demonstrated research and evaluation skills; 

- and experience working for non-governmental organizations

The Project Coordinator is a one-year part-time position with a fixed 
salary of $12,000, commencing preferably 10 January 2000. The 
hours/week will be commensurate with experience, and will range 
from 15 to 20. The nature of the project may require a greater 
number of hours/week be worked from January to June than from 
July to September.  

 To apply, prospective candidates should please send a cover letter
 detailing interest and experience, along with a resume, to:

 Hiring Committee
 World Inter-Action Mondiale
 323 Chapel Street, 3rd Floor
 Ottawa ON
 K1N 7Z2

 Candidates should call the WIAM office between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM
 at 613-238-4659 if they have any general questions. Applications may
 also be sent by E-mail to wia@web.net.

 The application deadline is December 15, 1999.

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