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Mon.Dec.13 - Biotech/GE Foods - "How do they do that?"

You are invited to a meeting of the Ottawa Public Working Group on 
Food Concerns Monday December 13, 7:30, at the YMCA on Argyle St. (the 
room number will be posted in the lobby - there is a black bulletin 
board at the bottom of the stairs).  

The Topic Review for Dec. 13 is "How do those 'genetically engineered'
organisms actually happen?", by Richard Wolfson.

Please note the change in meeting time.  

If you wish to join us at meetings, we will be pleased to see you.  If your
preference is to be alerted for actions such as information pickets, please
make sure we have your email address or telephone number.  If your interest
is in attending public information events, such as lectures or films, please
watch the OPIRG list for announcments.

Here are the details of our meetings:
     Meetings are the second Monday of each month.
     If a second meeting is needed, to focus on some planning effort, it is
the fourth Monday.
     Location is the YW/MCA, Argyle St. (near Queensway & O'Connor).
     From 7:30 - 8:00:  Introductions and a Topic Review - someone will
bring a short
             presentation on a key topic in the area of Genetically
Engineered foods.
     From 8:00 - 9:00:  We will share news and discuss some issues around
             developments.   We will plan community events such as
information pickets, public                    lectures, and steps to get
letters written to grocery chains and the government.

Please join us.

For further information contact 
     Lucy Sharratt -  235 1672 or <sierra@web.net>
     Richard Wolfson -  565 1838 or <rwolfson@concentric.net>
     Katherine Gunn - 729-0504  <kgunn@cyberus.ca>

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