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FW: Join 460 Groups Asking for Nuke Weapons Off Alert for Y2K (fwd)


From: nonukes@foesyd.org.au (FoE Sydney - Nuclear Campaign)
Date: 10 Dec 99
Originally To: Recipient List Suppressed:;

Join 460 Groups Asking for Nuke Weapons Off Alert for Y2K


If you haven't signed it and agree that its risky to have 5,600 nuke
warheads on hairtrigger alert over Y2K, do please sign, and please also fax
presidents Yeltsin and Clinton and defence secy Cohen.

You could also ask your members to send to US Defence Secy Cohen Clinton,
and Yeltsin, the sample letters posted yesterday and today (Clintons fax
number +1-202-456-2461, Cohen 1-703-695-1149,Yeltsin +7-095-205-4330).

Dear Non-Governmental Organisation, Parliamentarian or Religious group,

The European Parliament passed a resolution on Nov 18th, calling on the US
and Russia to take 5,600 nuclear weapons off hairtrigger alert before
December 31, for the Y2K 'Rollover'.

Mounting concern is being expressed over the possibility of accidental
nuclear war due to Y2K related computer failures in the vast interconnected
computer complexes that control nuclear weapons.

De-alerting has also been incorporated in two recent resolutions passed by
the United Nations General Assembly and two similar ones passed last year,
as well as two resolutions passed recently by the Australian senate. It has
been reccommended by the Canberra Commission of 1996 and by the Tokyo

The letter below, which I hope you will sign, has already been signed by 22
Australian MPs, 10members of the European Parliament, 9 NZ parliamentarians
and 4 Canadian parliamentarians as well as three congresspeople.
Altogether it has been signed by over 460 NGOs, including Friends of the
Earth International, (and FOE-UK), Greenpeace International, the British
American Security Information Council and the Centre for Defence
Information in Washington.

I hope you can sign it.

John Hallam, Letter Coordinator.

+7-095-205-4219, +7-095-206-5173 +7-095-205-4330,

+1-202-456-2461, +1-202-456-2883.



Znamenka-19, 103160, Moscow, Russia,
+7-095-293-33-13, 247-2795, 247-2722, 293-3323.

+7-095-244-3276, +7-095-244-2203,


Dear Presidents Yeltsin and Clinton, Defence Ministers and Defence
Secretaries, Heads of State and UN Missions,

The organisations above, representing millions of people worldwide, are
writing to convey their extreme concern  over the possibility that Year
2000 (Y2K)-related computer failures in nuclear weapons systems may lead to
an unacceptable risk of  nuclear war by accident or miscalculation.

In the current political situation this is most especially the case.
According to Alexandr Arbatov, of the Defence Committee of the Russian
State Duma, US-Russian relations are at 'the worst, most acute,  most
dangerous juncture since the US-Soviet Berlin and Cuban missile crises.'

The danger   during the Y2K rollover lies primarily in the possibility that
spurious data may induce commanders, even at the highest levels, to
mistakenly authorise the launches of nuclear weapons.

Events similar to this have already occurred. For example:

In the US in 1980,  a malfunctioning computer chip sent spurious alert

In 1983 in Russia, satellites mistook glare off the tops of clouds for a US
missile launch, (and disaster was averted by the refusal of the local
commander to believe the warnings were real);

In 1995,  a Norwegian research rocket prompted a full-scale Russian alert.

If Y2K breakdowns produce inaccurate early warning data, or if
communications and command channels are compromised, the combination of
hair-trigger force postures and Y2K failures could be disastrous. There
should therefore be a 'safety first ' approach  to Y2K and nuclear

Because none of the nuclear weapons states can guarantee that their
nuclear- related computer systems are Y2K compliant, the only responsible
solution is for them all to  stand down nuclear operations. This approach
should include taking nuclear weapons off alert status and decoupling
nuclear warheads from delivery vehicles.

The stakes involved in any nuclear exchange between Russia and the US are
such that they dwarf any other considerations. The future of life itself on
earth could be in doubt.

In  light of this, we strongly urge that you remove all strategic and
tactical nuclear weapons from 'hair trigger' alert, and place them in a
status in which at least hours and preferably days would be required to
launch them.

The Canberra Commission in August 1996, noted that terminating nuclear
alert status would:
--Reduce dramatically the chances of accidental or unauthorised  nuclear
missile launch.
--Help set the stage for intensified cooperation on a more far- reaching
disarmament agenda
--Have a very positive influence on the political climate between nuclear
weapon states.

This last is especially relevant in the current tension between Russia and
NATO, which has prompted Russia to withdraw from cooperation with the US on
Y2K problems.

According to the Canberra Commission,
"Taking nuclear forces off alert could be verified by national technical
means and nuclear weapon state inspection arrangements. in the first
instance, reduction in alert status could be adopted by the nuclear weapon
states unilaterally"

If both sides are verifiably de-alerted, it will not be possible for either
to launch a disarming first strike.

The immediate stakes are so high, and the potential for global catastrophe
so clear, that mutually verified de-alerting in the face of the Y2K
computer problem must take precedence over all other considerations of
politics and national security.


Kevin Dunion, Chairperson, Friends of the Earth International,
John Hallam, Nuclear Campaigner,  Friends of the Earth Australia,
Wendy Johnson, Friends of the Earth New Zealand,
Dr Patrick Green, Senior Energy, Nuclear and Climate Campaigner, Friends of
the Earth England Wales and Northern Ireland,
Ricardo Navarro, Friends of the Earth El Salvador,
Nnimmo Bassey, Friends of the Earth Nigeria (Environmental Rights Action),
Benin City, Nigeria,
Viktor Khazan, Friends of the Earth Ukraine,
Manana Kochladze, Friends of the Earth Georgia, Tbilsi, Georgia.
Jan Kunnas, Friends of the Earth Finland,
Bo Stroem, Friends of the Earth Denmark,
Tonu Oja, Chairperson, Friends of the Earth Estonia, Tartu, Estonia.
Amis de la Terre, Paris, France,
Loukia Pavlidou, President, Friends of the Earth Cyprus,
Oleg Svistunov, Friends of the Earth Japan Siberia Program,
Corine Viellers, Global-2000(Friends of the Earth Austria)
Daniela Stojanova, General Secretary, Friends of the Earth Macedonia,
Maria Minkova, Deputy Chair, Friends of the Earth Bulgaria/Ecoglasnost,
Prof. Vladimir V. Kokylukhin, Chair, Friends of the Earth Belarus, Brest,
Petra Maier, Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND),

Peter Garrrett, President, Australian Conservation Foundation,
Helen Caldicott, MD, Founding President, PSR,
Irene Gale, Australian Peace Committee, SA Branch,
Denis Doherty, Secretary, Pax Christi NSW,
REV. John Mavor, President,  Uniting Church of Australia
Debra A. Brown, Uniting Church Social Responsibility and Justice Agency,
Rev. Ray Richmond, Wayside Chapel, Uniting Church in Australia,
Pitt Street Uniting Church, Pitt St, Sydney,
Rev. John Stanley, St Johns Anglican Church, Darlinghurst, Sydney,
Julie Marlow, Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Committee,
Babs Fuller-Quinn, Australian Peace Committee, National Committee,
Susan Wareham, President, Medical Association for the Prevention of War,
IPPNW Regional Vice-President, Aust.,
Dr. John Ward, Health Professionals for Global Responsibility,
Pauline Mitchell, Campaign for International Cooperation and Disarmament,
Peter Jones, War Resisters International, Australia.,
Alec Marr, National Campaign Director, The Wilderness Society,
Mark Wakeham, Environment Centre of the Northern Territory,
Deborah Metters, Arid Lands Environment Centre, Alice Springs, NT.,
Rowena Skinner, Environment Centre of W.A.,
Robin Chapple, Anti-Uranium Coalition of W.A.,
Cherie Hoyle, Centre for Urban Ecology, SA.,
Graham Daniell, People for Nuclear Disarmament, Western Australia.,
Zohl D' Ishtar, Pacific Connections,
Richard Goode, 2 Billion Voices for Peace Project,
Geoff Holland, Institute for Global Futures Research, Earlville, Queensland,
Ian Dixon, Big Scrub Environment Centre, Lismore,
Isabelle Whyte, Everyone for a Nuclear-free Future, Lismore,
Robin Taubenfeld, Everyone for a Nuclear-Free Future, Gold Coast,
Jonivar Skullerud, ENUFF, Adelaide,
Chris White, Secretary, United Trades and Labour Council, SA,
Paul Martinella, State Secretary, CFMEU, SA,
Trevor Smith, National Secretary, CFMEU, Forests and Forests Products
Division, SA,
Stephen Smith, Secretary, CFMEU, Furnishing trade Division, SA,
Jacob Grech, Earthworker, All-Union Green Caucus,
Mick Doyle, United Firefighters Union of SA,
Paul Noak, Secy, A.M.W.U. SA Office.
Martin O' Malley, Secy, CFMEU, SA Branch.
Stephen Spence, Secretary, Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, SA.,
Leonie Ebert, Graham F. Smith Peace Trust, SA.,
P.T. Muldoon, General Manager, Richmond River Shire Council,
Craig Barrass, Administrator, (for Mayor), Uralla Shire Council,
Anna Guiliani, City of Darebin, Vic,
Councillor Kris Kruden, Mayor, City of Leichhardt, NSW.,
Councillor Yvonne Caddy, Mayor, Mitcham City Council, S.A.,
Tony Zappia, Mayor, Salisbury City Council, SA.,

Senator Lyn Allison, Democrat Senator for Victoria,
Senator Meg Lees, Democrat Senator for South Australia, Leader of the
Australian Democrats,
Senator Vicky Bourne, Democrat Senator for NSW.,
Senator Natasha Stott-Despoja, Deputy Leader, Australian Democrats,
Senator Andrew Bartlett, Democrat Senator for Queensland,
Senator Bob Brown, Green Senator for Tasmania,
Senator Dee Margetts, Green Senator for Western Australia,
Senator George Campbell, ALP Senator for NSW.,
Senator Margaret Reynolds, ALP, NSW,
Senator Jim Mc Kiernan, ALP, W.A.,
Anthony Albanese. ALP, Federal member for Grayndler,
Tanya Plibersek, ALP,  Federal member for Sydney,
Jann Mc Farlane, Federal member for Stirling, W.A.,
Jill Hall, M.P., Federal member for Shortland, NSW,
Cheryl Davenport MLC., W.A.,
Ian Cohen, MLC, Greens, NSW,
Lee Rhiannon, MLC, Greens, NSW,
Sandra Kanck, MLC,Democrats, S.A.,
Ian Gilfillan, MLC, Democrats, SA,
Carolyn Pickles MLC, SA.,
Robyn Geraghty MP, Member for Torrens, SA.,
=46rances Bedford, ALP State MP for Florey, S.A.,
Jim Scott, WA Greens, Legislative Council, W.A.,
Dr Louise Crossley, National Convenor, Greens, Australia,
Hannah Middleton, President, Communist Party of Australia.

Commander Robert Green RN (Ret'd), Chair, World Court Project UK,
=46elicity Hill, Womens International League for Peace and Freedom,
Martin Butcher, British-American Security Information Centre, US/UK,
Stephanie Mills, Greenpeace International Nuclear and Disarmament Campaign,
Bernice Boermans, Executive Director, International Association of Lawyers
Against Nuclear Arms, (IALANA), The Hague, Neth.,
Rear-Admiral Eugene J. Carroll, USN (retd), Deputy Director, Centre for
Defence Information, Washington, USA,
Colin Archer, International Peace Bureau, Geneva, Switzerland,

Dave Knight, Chair, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, U.K.,
Janet Bloomfield, Former Chair CND, Abolition U.K, Saffron Walden Group
Against Nuclear Weapons,
Bruce Kent, Vice-President, CND,
Jenny Maxwell, West Midlands CND, Birmingham, U.K,
Tigger Mc Gregor, Youth and Student CND, U.K.,
Dave Webb, Yorkshire CND., U.K.,
Anni Rainbow and Lindis Percy, Campaign for Accountability of American
Bases, U.K.,
Gillian Reeve, Director, MEDACT (IPPNW U.K),
Jane Tallents, Trident-Ploughshares 2000, Norwich, Norfolk, U.K.,
Di Mc Donald, Network Information Project, Southampton, U.K,
Catherine Euler, Menwith Hill Womens Peace Camp, Yorkshire, U.K.,
Catherine Euler, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space,
Sue Claydon, Anglican Pacifist Fellowship, Milton Keynes, U.K.,
Monica King, St Bartholemews Justice and Peace Group, St Albans, U.K.,
Calderdale Green Party, Yorkshire, U.K.,
Alan Francis, Chair, Green Party of England and Wales,
Alan Watson, Partner, Public Interest Consultants, Swansea, Wales, U.K.,
Nigel Chamberlain, Cumbria and North Lancashire Peace Groups U.K.,
Paul Swann, National Coordinator, Y2K Community Action Network, U.K.,
Tom Roche, Just Forests, Ireland,

Jeanette Fitzsimmons, MP, NZ Greens,
Brian Donelly, MP,
Harry Duynhoven, MP, NZ Labour,
Lianna Dalziel, MP, NZ Labour,
Judy Keall, MP, NZ Labour,
Peter Dunne, MP, NZ Independent,
Sandra Lee, Deputy leader, Alliance,
Laila Harre, MP, Alliance, NZ.,
Matt Robson, MP, Alliance, NZ.,
Dr Kate Dewes, Disarmament and Security Centre,
Marion Hancock, Aoteoroa/NZ Peace Foundation, Auckland, NZ.,
Gerry Coates, Engineers for Social Responsibility, NZ,
Keith Locke, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, NZ Greens,
Llelwyn Richards, National Consultative Committee on Disarmament, NZ,
Barbara Frame, Peace Action Dunedin, NZ.,
John Urlich, Peace Council of New Zealand,
Rev. John Murray/Dame Laurie Salas/Robin Halliday, Abolition-2000, New
Ian Prior, IPPNW New Zealand,
Chris King, Veterans for Peace New Zealand,
Derek Wilson, Architects Against Nuclear War, NZ,
Robert E. White, Director, Centre for Peace Studies, University of
Auckland, NZ.,
John Gallagher, New Zealand Nuclear-Free Peacemaking Association,
WILPF Aoteoroa,
Pat Duncan-Taylor, Waiheke Island Community Awareness of Pesticides,
Houraki Gulf, NZ.,
Hans Gruber, Green Society New Zealand,
Rev. Alan Leadley, Chartwell Parish, Hamilton, NZ.,
Jim Holdom, CORSO, Aotearoa/NZ.,

Richard N. Salvador, Pacific Islands Association of NGOs, Belau,
Tom Mbeke-Ekarem, Chair, Coalition of Petroleum-Producing States of Nigeria,
Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organisation, Kenya,
Ron Mc Coy, Malaysian Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia,
Yumi Kukuchi, Y2K WASH Campaign, Sendai, Japan/USA,
Aileen Mioko Smith, Director, Green Action Kyoto, Japan.,
Mitsuhiro Yamazaki, ASEED-Japan,
Kanechiyo Narumi, Secretary General, Country Life Association, Tokyo, Japan,
Masanao Tanaka, Human Survival Research Group, Tokyo, Japan,
Akinori Itoh, Founder, Chikyu-Oendan, (Earth-Assist), Tokyo, Japan,
Hiroshi Taka, Assistant Secretary, Japan Council Against A and H-Bombs

S.P. Udayakumar, South Asian Community Centre for Education and Research,
Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, South India,
Thomas Matthew, Director, SEEDS-India,
Bunker Roy, Barefoot College, Tilonia, Rajasthan,
M.E. Deenadayalan, The Other Media,
M.E. Deenadayalan, Samarthan,
Ashish Kothari, Kalpavriksh Environmental Group, Pune, India,
Mr Tapan K. Bose, Pakistan/India Peoples Forum for Peace and Democracy,
Asif Rasheed Leghari, Awami Committee for Development, Multan, Pakistan,
Dr. M.A. Bari, Integrated Child Health Organisation, Bangladesh,
Nana Suhartana, Indonesian National Network Forum Anti-Nuclear Society,
Enry Soekoer, Architects Against Nuclear, Indonesia,
Arief Wickasono, KEMALA, Indonesia,
Denny Boy Mochran, PUTER, Indonesia,
Maricor V. Talaroc, SEED- Lugait, Baguio City, Phillipines.,
Bisan Singh, Sustainable Development Network, Malaysia,
Mohamad Lokman Mohd Nor, Students Environmental Protection Ambassadors
Scheme, Malaysia,
Pipob Udomittipong, Alternative Energy Project for Sustainability, Thailand,
Lorenzo Muelas, Movimiento Autoridades Indigenas de Colombia,
Paula Caballero, Andean Centre for Sustainable Development, Bogota,
Prof Eduardo Voila, Dept. International Relations, University of Brasilia,
Sergio Dealetachi, Coordinator, Instituto Ecoar Para a Cidania, Brasil,
Antonio Ruiz, Fundacion Del Rio, Nicaragua,
Julie Noriega, Centro de Calidad Ambiental, ITESM, Monterrey, Mexico,
Carlos Romero, (Prof), Environmental Management, ITESM, Monterrey, Mexico,
Haim Ruttner, Israel Electric Corporation R&D, Israel,
Charles Lenchner, Green Action Israel, Tel-Aviv, Israel,
Yoram Getzler, Association for Jewish Renewal in Israel, Jerusalem, Israel,

Vladimir Sliviak, Ecodefense, Russia,
Galina Raghouzhina, World Information Service on Energy (WISE) Kaliningrad,
Alexandra Koroleva, Educational Committee, Kaliningrad Regional Duma,
Mikhail Trofimov, Ecodefence! International, Kaliningrad,
Alisa Nikoulina, Antinuclear Campaign of Social-Ecological Union, Moscow,
Pavel Malyshev, Platan Youth Group, Kaliningrad,
Oleg Bodrov, Green World, Sosnovy Bor, St Petersburg, Russia,
Vera Brovkina, St Petersburg Peace Council, St Petersburg, Russia,
Lydia Popova, Centre for Nuclear Ecology and Energy Policy, Russia,
Marina Rikhmanova, Baikal Environmental Wave, Baikal, Russia,
Konstantin Lebedev, Chair, Ecological Rights Centre, City of Tomsk, Russia,
Galina Orlova/Sergei Nikitin, Friends House Moscow,
Ludmila Ignatenko, 'Aleksam' Community, Kamchatka, Russia,

Elchin Sultanov, PhD, Chairman, Azerbaijan Ornithological Society,
Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences,
Rubina Stepanyan, Sustainable Development Organisation of Armenia,
Alla Shevchuck, Chairwoman, Social-Ecological Union, Ukraine,
Ilya Trombitsky MP, Parliament of Moldova, Chishinau, Moldova,
Cezara Haheu, Youth For Change, Moldova,
Piotr Gorbonenko, BIOTICA Ecological Society, Chishinau, Moldova,

George Razvan Marcu, Ecosens, Romania,
Cornel Radu-Loghin, AER-PUR, Romania,
Ivan Ivanov, Initiative for Sustainable Development, Kazanlak, Bulgaria,
Doncho Donchev, Ecoglasnost Kazanlak, Bulgaria,
Malla Kantola, Committee of 100, Helsinki, Finland,
Laura Lodenius, Peace Union of Finland, Helsinki, Finland,
Ulla Lehtinen, Chairperson, First Peoples, Finland,
Pepe Mardiste, Student Nature Protection Group, Tartu, Estonia,
Gunnar Westberg, MD., SLMK (IPPNW), Swedish Physicians Against Nuclear
Jens Pettersson, Secretary General, Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society,
=46redrick S. Heffermehl, President, Norwegian Peace Alliance,
=46rederick S. Heffermehl, Norwegian Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms,
=46rederick S. Heffermehl, International Peace Bureau, Oslo,
Susan H=D8vik, International Peace Research Institute, Oslo, Norway,
Sven Gunnar Simonsen, International Peace Research Institute, Oslo, Norway,
Nancy Spinks, International Peace Research Institute, Oslo, Norway,
Prof. Kirsten Osen (Med) University of Oslo,
Bjorn Hilt, Chair, Norwegian Physicians Against Nuclear War, (IPPNW)
Poul Eck S=F8rensen, Peace Movement of Esbjerg, Denmark,
Arne Hansen, War Resisters International, Fredrikshavn, Denmark,
Majken Jul S=F8rensen, Aldrig Mere Krig, (AMK) Denmark,
Anja Johansen, Militaernaegterforeningen, (Danish Association of
Conscientious Objectors)
Daniel Durand, Secretary, Mouvement de La Paix, France,
Solange Fernex, Womens International League for Peace and Freedom, France,
Chrystoph Wyss, International Albert Schwietzer Foundation, France/Switz,
Chrystoph Wyss, Dr Schweitzer Hospital Fund, Switzerland,
Dr Roland Schutzbach, Global Initiative for Immediate Disarmament,
Martin Schwander, Swiss Peace Movement, Switzerland,

Xanthe Hall, Assistant Director, IPPNW Germany, Berlin,
Regina Hagen, Darmstaedter Friedensforum, Germany,
Claus Biegert, Nuclear-Free Award, Germany,
Horst Hohmier, Anti-Atom Plenum, Bochum, Germany,
Ilona Joerden, Citizens Initiative for Environmental Protection,
Luechow-Danneburg, Germany,
Dr. Herbert Richter-Peill, IPPNW Hamburg, Germany,
Reinhard Behrend, Rettett den Regenwald, Hamburg, Germany,

Matthias Reichl, Centre for Encounters and Active Non-Violence, Bad Ischl,
Dr Klaus Renoldner, President,  IPPNW Austria,
Claudia and Margit, Anti-Atom International,
Claudia and Margit, Coordination Office of Austrian Environment
Heinz Stockinger, Independent Salzburg Platform Against Nuclear
Dangers,(PLAGE), Salzburg, Austria,
Josef Puehringer, Platform Gegen Atomgefahr, Austria,

Josef Puehringer, Centrum Energie, Czech Republic,
Josef Puehringer, Burgerinitiative Umweltschutz, Budweis, Czech Republic,
Josef Puehringer, Energie Zukunft Mohtviertel, Austria.,
Pol D'Huyvetter, For Mother Earth International, Ghent, Belgium,

Peer de Rijk, WISE- Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Ophelia Cowell, MDB Energy Project, Netherlands,
Marjan Willemsen, For Mother Earth Netherlands,
Ak Malten, Global Anti-Nuclear Alliance, Netherlands,
Kamil Koster, Working Group Eurobomb, AMOK, Netherlands
Pieter Van Der Gaag, Deputy International Coordinator, ANPED, Northern
Alliance for Sustainability,
David Boerma, Both-ENDS, Amsterdam, Netherlands,
=46rank Van Schaik, Transport Coordinator, ASEED-Europe,
STROHALM, Utrecht, Netherlands,
Kaj Leers, Journalist, Netherlands,
David Boerma, Coordinator, Pacific Region, Centre for Indigenous Peoples,
Bessie Schadee, Global Action Plan For The Earth International, Neth.,

Giorgio Nebbia, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Economics, University of
Bari, Italy,
Dr Joachim Lau, Italian Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms,
Toni Dell Olio, Pax Christi Italy,
Christopher Clark, Associao Amazonia, Italy,
Dr Roberto Romizi, International Society of Doctors for the Environment,
(ISDE) Arezzo, Italy,
Dr Josep Puig, Scientists and Technicians for a Non- Nuclear Future,
Barcelona, Catalonia,
Stefanos L. Kouniados, Irini Aggeloppoulos, Ecological Movement of
Kalamata, Greece,
Mariya Ilioska Kedioska, Manager, Macedonia Association for Information,
Training, and Sustainable Development,
Dusan Vasilevic, Green Table, Belgrade, Yugoslavia,

Maj-Britt Theorin, MEP, Sweden,
Elizabeth Schroedter, MEP, Germany,
Ernst Gulcher, MEP, Green Group, Germany,
Heidi Hautala, MEP, Green Group, Finland,
Glyn Ford, MEP, Labour, SW England,
Caroline Lucas MEP
Jean Lambert MEP
Ozan Keyhun, MEP, Germany,
Per Gahrton, MEP, Greens, Sweden.,
Inger Sch=F6rling, MEP,

Congressman Edward J. Markey, (D-Mass), Capitol Hill, Washington, DC.
Congresswoman Cynthia Mc Kinney, (D-GA) Capitol Hill, Washington, DC.,
Alice Slater, Global Resource Action Centre for the Environment, NY., USA.,
Marylia Kelley, Tri-Valley CARES, Livermore, California, US.
Mary Olson, Nuclear Information and Resource Service, US.,
Kevin Sanders, Special Projects Director, War and Peace Foundation, N.Y.,
Arjun Makhijani, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, Tacoma
Park, Md, USA.
Jackie Cabasso, Executive Director, Western States Legal Foundation, US.,
Grace Thorpe, National Environmental Coalition of Native Americans,
Carter Camp, Chair, American-Indian Movement of Oklahoma, US,
Tom Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network, USA,
Bill Smirnow, Nuclear-Free New York, US,

Molly Johnson, Coordinator, Save Ward Valley, Calif, USA.,
William F. Santelmann, Metro-Boston Committee to De-Alert Nuclear Weapons
David Krieger, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Santa Barbara, Calif, USA.,
Robert W. Tiller, Physicians for Social Responsibility, USA.,
Bob Gould, Physicians for Social Responsibility, San Fran/Bay Area Chapter,
Dr Lachlan Forrow, Past Chair, IPPNW,
Jonathan Mark, Action Site to Stop Cassini Flyby,
Sherry Larsen-Beville, Livermore Conversion Project, Oakland, Calif, USA.
Ellen Thomas, Proposition-1 Committee, Washington DC, US.,
Paula Palmer, Executive Director, Global Response, Boulder, Colo, USA.,
Bruce A, Drew, Prairie Island Coalition,

Diana Roose, Peace Education Director, American Friends Service Committee,
Patricia Watson, Peacework, American Friends Service Committee,
Mary H. Miller, Episcopal Peace Fellowship, Washington, US.,
Robert Kinsey, Peace and Justice Task Force,  Uniting Church of Christ,
Rocky Mountains Conference,
Rachel Keeler, Executive Director, Pax Christi, New York,
Nancy Small, National Coordinator, Pax Christi, USA,
=46rank Dworak, Pax Christi, Morris County, NJ, USA.,
Adam Eidinger, Pax Christi Washington Action Group, U.S.,
Joyce Hall, Pax Christi Texas,
Paul Villavisanis, Pax Christi, St Augustine, Fl,
Betty Obol, SL, The Loretto Community, U.S.,
Phil Mc Manus, Chair, Fellowship of Reconciliation Task Force on Latin
America and the Carribean, U.S.,
Heidi Cooper, All Souls Unitarian Church, Colorado Springs, US.,
Howard W. Hallman, Methodists United for Peace with Justice, Washington,
Guy Templeton Black, Quest Ministries, Ohio, U.S.,
Bill Kelly, Executive Director, Centre for Mission Education, Denver,
Colorado, USA.,
Bill Morton, Columban Mission, US/Mexico Border,

Jennifer Olaranna Viereck, Coordinator, Healing Global Wounds, Tecopa, CA,
Karen Talbot, Director, International Centre for Peace and Justice, San
=46rancisco, California, US.,
Le Roy Moore, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Centre, USA.,
Chris Ney, War Resisters League, NY, USA.,
Jasmina Arsova, War Resisters League,, NY. USA.,
Holly-Poole Kavana, New York Student Environmental Action Coalition,
Carol Jahnkow, Peace Resource Centre of San Diego, Calif, US.,
Janette Michelle Cuevas, Executive Director, Promoting Enduring Peace, NY.,
Patrick J. Mc Entegart, President, Fortview Foundation, Tarrytown, N.Y.,
Babette Lindfield, Professional Network for Social Responsibility, NY, U.S.,
Susan Lee Solar and Maria Mendez, Grandmothers and Mothers Alliance for the
Susan Shaer, Executive Director, Womens Action for New Directions,
Peter Bergel, President, Centre for Energy Research, Salem, Oregon, USA.,
Harvey Wasserman, Citizens Protecting Ohio, USA.,
Sarah Ogdahl, Toledo Area Director, Ohio Citizen Action,
Vina Colley, Portsmouth/Piketon Residents for Environmental Safety and
Jay Coghlan, Concerned Citizens For Nuclear Safety, New Mexico, USA.,
Gordon S. Clark, Executive Director, Peace Action USA.,
Diane R Swords, Peace Action Central New York,
=46ran Teplitz, Peace Action, Peace Action Education Fund, USA.,
Sonya Ostrom, Metro New York Peace Action Council,
Judith H. Johnsrud, Environmental Coalition on Nuclear Power, Pennsylvania,
Judith H. Johnsrud, Central Pennsylvania Citizens for Survival, U.S.,
Scott D. Portzline, Three Mile Island Alert, Pennsylvania, U.S.,
Vivek Ananthan, Volunteers for International Solidarity, Philadelphia, US.,
Erik Van Lennepp, Arctic to Amazonia Alliance, Virginia, USA.,
Deb Katz, Citizens Awareness Network,
Tara Thornton, Military Toxics Project, USA.,
Pamela Meidell, Atomic Mirror, Calif, U.S.,
Tom Keirans, National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund,
Shiela Baker, Pedals for Peace, San Luis Obispo, Calif, U.S.,
Inga Olson, Sacramento Valley Citizens Along The Roads and Tracks,
Marc M. Blaise-Page, Nevada Desert Experience, USA,
Cindy Pile, Director, Nevada Desert Exprience, USA,
Earth-Savers, Syracuse, U.S.,
Barbara Weidener, Grandmothers for Peace International, Calif, U.S.,
Lyn Miles, Tai Mei Peace Action, San Gabriel, U.S.,
Alan Moore, Butterfly Gardeners Association, Berkley, Calif,
Don Moniak, Program Director, Serious Texans Against Nuclear Dumping,
Amarillo, Tex, U.S,
Andrew Nixon, Students For A Sustainable Earth, W. Michigan University,
Jack and Felice Cohen-Joppa, The Nuclear Resister,
Marion Pack, Alliance for Survival, Costa-Mesa, California, USA.,
Peggy Jacobs, Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives, U.S.,
Esther Park, Peace Links, USA.,
Peg Ryglisyn & Michael Albrizio, Connecticut Opposed to Waste, Broad Brook,
Conn, USA.,
Jennifer Almquist, Silent Oceans Project, Litchfield, Connecticut,
Paige-Knight, Hanford-Watch, Portland, Oregon,
Oregon Peaceworks,
Howard Schapiro, Performing and Fine Artists for World Peace, Hawaii,
Gary Gumz, Appalacian Sustainable Agriculture Project,
Mary Beth Branagan, Nuclear Democracy Network, USA.,
Jane Grossman/Laurie Grossman, Bay Area Chapter, Y2K WASH Campaign, (World
Atomic Safety Holiday), USA/JAPAN,
Encore, Southeast Texas Y2K Preparedness Workgroup,

Senator Doug Roche, Canadian Parliament,
Bill Blaikie MP, House Leader, New Democratic Party of Canada,
Svend Robinson MP, House of Representatives,Canada,
Judy Waslycia-Leis, MP, Winnipeg, Canada,
Joan Russow, National Leader, Canadian Green Party,
David J. Parker, Alberta Green Party,
Gordon Edwards President, Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility,
Montreal, Canada,
Dr David Morgan, President, Veterans Against Nuclear Arms, Vancouver,
Dr Barbara Birkett, President, Physicians for Global Survival, Ottawa,
Dr. Mary-Wynne-Ashford, IPPNW Canada,
Dr Ross Wilcock, Physicians for Global Survival, Canada,
Dave Greenfield, New Green Alliance, Saskatoon, Canada,
Patti Willis, Pacific Campaign for Disarmament and Security, B.C., Canada,
Prof Eric Fawcett, Physics Dept, University of Toronto, Canada,
Prof. L. Terrell Gardner, Science for Peace, University of Toronto, Canada.
Dr Jennifer Allen Simons, The Simons Foundation, Vancouver, B.C.,
Sally Hodges, Chair, Ploughshares, Calgary, Canada,
O.P.I.R.G., Peterborough, Canada,
Christa Rossner, No Nukes, Canada,
Genivieve Talbot, United Nations Association of Canada,
Snezana Vitorovich, Association of Serbian Women, Canada,
Priscilla Settee, Indigenous Womens Network, Canada/USA.,
Jacques Boucher, Volet Desarment et Paix, Centre de Ressources sur la
Non-Violence, Montreal Canada.
Jo Hayward-Haines, Victoria Peace Project, Ontario, Canada,
Joyce Lydiard, Secretary, WILPF British Columbia, Canada,
Dr. Geraldine Schwartz, Institute for Ethical Leadership, Vancouver, Canada,
Joyce A.Kovelmann, The Millenium Project, Chatsworth, Canada,

John Hallam
=46riends of the Earth Sydney,
17 Lord street, Newtown, NSW, Australia,
=46ax(61)(2)9517-3902 ph (61)(2)9517-3903
nonukes@foesyd.org.au    http://homepages.tig.com.au/~foesyd

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