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Daishowa demonstration and props making evening

Demonstration outside Daishowa Sales Office!

Please join us! We need to send Daishowa a strong message that they cannot
use the courts to silence us; and that we expect them to respect their
commitment not to cut wood or buy wood cut in Lubicon land until there is an
agreement in place respecting Lubicon aboriginal rights.

6 January, 6 pm - prop making and scenario evening (location to be

10 January, 8:30 am to 3 pm - trip to Ville St-Laurent (Montreal), gather at
153 Laurier East at 8:30. Please call to reserve a seat (819 777 3058) as
soon as possible. Transportation is free.

For more information: in Ottawa/Hull, Outaouais Lubicon Solidarity, 819 777
3058, mfoster@web.net; in Montreal, Amitie Lubicons-Quebec, 514 272 5012,

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