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Wolves Omnimax film - plus Algonquin Wolves!

Now on at the Canadian Museum of Civilization

Wolves Omnimax film - plus Algonquin Wolves! (see below)

A great idea to take family/friends for diversion during the holidays or
in the new year.  

Show times:
 10 am on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
  6 pm on Thursdays, Saturdays
  schedule updates: 776-7010

  10h00 les mercredis, vendredis, dimanches
  18h00 les vendredis
  horaire confirmé: 776-7006

Not only will you enjoy a dramatic and interesting Omnimax movie about
the re-introduction of wolves to Idaho, coordinated by the Nez Perce
Indians (narrated by Robbie Robertson with some great music), but
there's a local angle!  

Starting Christmas eve, the Museum will be showing prior to every Wolves
screening, a 4-minute movie about Algonquin Wolves which was produced by
the Ottawa Valley Chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society.
It includes music created specially for the video by Ian Tamblyn, and
unique footage of wild Algonquin wolf pups that you're not likely to
encounter in many other places, contributed by Mike Runtz.

Happy holidays from the Canadian Parks And Wilderness Society!

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