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People- & Planet-Friendly Events Calendar (99/12/26)

Full Edition - Revised Sun. Dec. 26, 1999 
Here are upcoming SUSTAINABLE LIVING, 
workshops, courses, meetings, conferences, etc. in 
Toronto & Ontario & beyond.  Please *PASS THIS ON* or 
post at your office or neighbourhood.  Send new events 
to both icontario@aol.com AND icontario@hotmail.com  
*** CONTENTS *** 
(A) EVENTS IN ONTARIO  (Dec. 1999 to Aug. 2000)
(B) Recurring / Ongoing
(C) Events beyond Ontario 
(E) Other Event Listings 
(F) About this List 

* There are 31 new or modified events & notices (since 
Dec. 12) -- look for the asterisks.  In order by date.  

>> Including events in Toronto, Essex, King City, <<
>> Guelph, Kitchener, Ottawa, Montreal. <<

>> Please remember to (also) post your events at: http://events.web.net  <<

* Depleted Uranium in the Gulf War, Sun Dec 26, 7pm on Global.
"60 Minutes" examines use of depleted uranium ammunition in 
the 1991 Gulf War [and in Kosovo?].  

* Protect Old Growth Carolinian Forest, Sun Jan 2, 1pm, Essex, 
Ontario. Help preserve 300 acres of Old Growth Carolinian Forest 
from a developer who would like to turn it into a golf course!  
Seeking enough people to stand hand in hand surrounding the 
forest.  Info & directions  http://got.to/preservemarshfield  
Marshfield Woods Preservation Community Congregation, 6879 
6th Concession, Essex.  Rob Spring, Chairperson, Environment 
Committee, Local 444, CAW   rspring@netcore.ca

* WTO Action Coalition, Tues Jan 4, 7pm, Toronto. Discuss 
World Trade Organization campaigns, free school and more.  
Oxfam office, 1011 Bloor St. W.  Sid Lacombe  
sid_lacombe@yahoo.com  416-964-0419

* THE WHOLE VILLAGE - Design Meeting, Thurs Jan 6, 
7:30pm, Aurora.  Building a village within a biodynamic organic 
farm, in King Township, just north of Toronto.  905-833-3440 
http://www.wholevillage.org  joinus@wholevillage.org

GREEN PARTY - Toronto Monthly Meeting, Mon. Jan. 10, 
2000, 6:30-8:30pm.  More details to follow. Green Party office, 
244 Gerrard St. E. at Ontario St.  fdejong@greenparty.on.ca

* Demonstration outside Daishowa Sales Office, Mon. Jan. 10, 
Montreal. Send Daishowa a strong message that they cannot use 
the courts to silence us; and that we expect them to respect their 
commitment not to cut wood or buy wood cut in Lubicon land until 
there is an agreement in place respecting Lubicon aboriginal rights.  
8:30am -3pm - trip to from Ottawa to Ville St-Laurent (Montreal).  
Gather at 153 Laurier E., 8:30am. Please call to reserve a seat 819-
777-3058 a.s.a.p. Free. Also, prop making meeting Tues. Jan 6, 
6pm, location t.b.a. Info: in Ottawa/Hull: Outaouais Lubicon 
Solidarity, 819-777-3058, mfoster@web.net; in Montreal: Amitie 
Lubicons-Quebec, 514-272-5012, gordon@deev.com.

* Film for a Greener Planet, Thurs. Jan. 13, 2000, 7-9pm. (1) Film: 
ECOLOGY & SPIRITUALITY; speaker Steven Dunn on Thomas 
Berry.  (2) Film: Adam's World; speaker: feminist theologian 
Elizabeth Dodson-Gray.  Free.  Room 308, Metro Hall, 55 John 
St., Toronto. Women's Network on Health & the Environment, 
416-928-0880 weed@web.net 

WORKSHOP, Fri. Jan. 14, 2000, 9am - 4 pm, Toronto. 
For small, grassroots, new and emerging organizations that need to 
find new sources of funding.  $75 (incl. breakfast, lunch & 
valuable handouts) Community Social Planning Council - Toronto, 
2 Carlton St. #1001, Toronto ON.  Please contact CSPC-T no later 
than Fri. Jan. 7. Only those registered and paid in advance will be 
admitted.  Info: Maria Serrano: 416-351-0095 Fax: 416-351-0107 

HOW TO BE AN ACTIVIST, Sat. Jan. 15, 2000, 9:30am-4pm, 
Toronto.  Are you tired of seeing environmental problems around 
you but don't know what to do about it? Learn all the tricks of the 
trade! Your instructor, Elizabeth May, Exec. Director of the Sierra 
Club of Canada will teach you the techniques that will bring you 
success in the fight for your cause:  write a press release... hold a 
successful fundraiser... get the attention of your Member of 
Parliament.  To practice environmental activism is your 
Democratic Right.  Don't be afraid to speak out, and with our help, 
your voice WILL be heard!  Please bring a brown bag lunch 
(or step out for take out). Metro Hall, room 307, 55 John St.. 
Suggested donation $5. Limited to 30 participants, RSVP: If you 
haven't already done so, please confirm your spot by January 5. 
Erica Wilson 416-960-9606 sierraec@interlog.com
THE GREEN ECONOMY (COURSE), Tuesdays Jan. 18 - Mar. 
21, 2000, 7-10pm, Toronto. Practical Strategies to Create 
Community-based Eco-economies. Overview of radical potentials for 
reorganizing the economy for social and ecological purposes;  
exciting alternatives being built right now in the existing economy;  
sector-by-sector look at agriculture/food system, manufacturing & 
resource use, transportation, urban design, alternative financial 
systems, more. Weekly guest speakers doing the most cutting-edge 
innovation in each sector.  $85 (incl. course literature). Location: 
Metro Labour Education Centre (MLEC), 1207 King St. W.  To 
register: MLEC 416-537-6532. More info.: Brian Milani 416-968-
1282   <bmilani@web.net>  http://www.web.net/~bmilani

* Logging the Wilderness: Imaging Algonquin Park, Tues. Jan. 18, 
12:30pm, Toronto.  U. of T. Institute for Environmental Studies 
Seminar with Dennis Duffy, Prof. Emeritus of English. The 
historical forces shaping Algonquin Park; interplay btwn history & 
the imaginative in establishing the Park's meaning.  No registration 
req'd; all welcome. Room 2093, Earth Sciences Ctr., Huron & 
Bancroft. Info: http://www.utoronto.ca/env/seminars.htm Mona El-
Haddad 416-978-6526  m.elhaddad@utoronto.ca

6:30-7:30pm, Toronto.  Annual General Meeting.  Toronto City 
Hall, Members Lounge (adjacent & above Council Chamber), 100 
Queen St. W.  Energy Action Council of Toronto (416-793-2255)

7:30pm, Toronto.  "The promise & the challenge".  Toronto City 
Hall, Members Lounge (adjacent & above Council Chamber), 100 
Queen St. W.  Coalition for a Green Economic Recovery (Michael 
Berger 416-782-4589  http://www.web.net/ecorecov) and the 
Energy Action Council of Toronto (416-793-2255)

* ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS: reintegrating the study of 
humans & the rest of nature, Fri. Jan. 21, noon, Toronto.  U. of T. 
Institute for Environmental Studies Seminar with Robert Costanza, 
Director, Inst. for Ecol. Economics, Univ. of Maryland.  No 
registration req'd; all welcome. Room 107, Ramsay Wright Bldg, 
25 Harbord St. http://www.utoronto.ca/env/seminars.htm Mona El-
Haddad 416-978-6526  m.elhaddad@utoronto.ca

LEARNING & POLICY CHANGE (course), Tuesdays Jan. 25 to 
Apr. 11, 6:30-9:30pm, Toronto. Explore the links between health 
and the environment with Dorothy Goldin-Rosenberg. Enhance 
critical thinking, investigative, analytical and practical skills to 
educate, enable, and advocate.  Community health workers, health 
professionals, educators, labour activists, environmentalists, 
community organizers, policy makers, economists, parents/ 
grandparents, youth.... Everyone welcome. Readings, guest 
lecturers, films, plenary and small group discussions.  At OISE, 
252 Bloor Street W.  $385. Some scholarships available for 
students, seniors, low and unwaged. Info: 416-928-0880 or 
weed@web.net.  Cheques to: the Women's Network on Health and 
the Environment, 233 - 517 College St., Toronto M6G 4A2.

SHOW, Thurs. Jan 27 - Sun. Jan. 30, 2000, Univ. of Guelph.   
Largest organic event in Canada.  New, 4-day program; 35  
speakers; Intro to Ecological Agriculture training (thurs/fri); Meet  
The Presenters Fundraiser Organic Buffet (fri); Public Forum  
Panel Discussion 'Organic Farming, Fair Trade, Social Justice'  
(fri); Eco-Products Trade Show (sat & sun); banquet (sat);  
BioDynamics (sun); much more...; audio tapes available.   
Phone: 519-824-4120 ext.2558; fax 705-444-0380;   
organix@georgian.net   http://www.gks.com/OrgConf/  
*** [Check out the People- & Planet- Friendly Events table, 
& Permaculture book sales, downstairs, on Saturday only].

* Women, Peace & Human Rights: Moving Forward, Thurs Jan 27 
- Sun Jan 30, Toronto. Training on: relevant UN agencies; analyze 
situations; create action plans; review role of NGO's; build 
understanding of human rights, peace and women's leadership. 
Young women, aboriginal women, and visible minority women 
especially encouraged to attend. Wheelchair accessible. Location: 
International Student Centre, 33 St. George St.  Register: $150; 
$75 unwaged (add $20 after Jan 7). Please let us know if some help 
with costs would make it possible for you to attend. Cheques to 
"VOW", Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, 203 - 761 Queen 
St. W., Toronto M6J 1G1. Info/reg. form: 416-927-0977 fax: 603-
7916  vow@interlog.com

* WTO Teach-In, Sat Jan 29, Toronto.  Toronto WTO (World 
Trade Organization) Action Coalition.  Sid Lacombe  
sid_lacombe@yahoo.com  416-964-0419
Mary Floro-White, 416-978-7077 

* Climate Change, Air Pollution & Public Health: Hobson's choice 
or a 'no-brainer'? Thurs. Feb. 3, 4pm, Toronto.  Env. & Health 
Seminar with David Pengelly, Dept of Medicine, McMaster U. 
Conference room, Gage Occup. & Env. Health Unit, 223 College 
St. (enter at Ross St.). Pat Brown 416-978-4353  

* The 1998 drought in the Grand River Basin, Wed. Feb. 9, 4pm, 
Toronto.  U. of T. Institute for Environmental Studies Seminar 
with Marie Sanderson, Adaptation & Impacts Research Group 
(Environment Canada). No registration req'd; all welcome. Room 
2093, Earth Sciences Ctr., Huron & Bancroft. Info: 
http://www.utoronto.ca/env/seminars.htm Mona El-Haddad 416-
978-6526  m.elhaddad@utoronto.ca

Film for a Greener Planet, Thurs.Feb. 10, 2000, 7-9pm. (1) Film: 
Before Their Time; speaker Cathy Walker. (2) Film: They Speak in 
Whispers: What's happening to children; speaker: Canadian Auto 
Workers.  Free.  Room 308, Metro Hall, 55 John St., Toronto. 
Women's Network on Health & the Environment, 416-928-0880 

10, 2000 Toronto. 6:30-9:30pm. Using seeds passed along by 
generations of gardeners; Learn about the origins of foods we eat & 
how to plan your garden - in your yard, on your balcony, or roof.  
$40. Cdn Coll of Naturopathic Medicine, 1255 Sheppard E. 
Register 416-498-1255 ext 233.
Housing a Diverse Population, Tues. Feb. 15, 2000, York 
University, Toronto.  "Planning in a Multicultural Region".  York 
Urban Studies Programme.  Seeking case studies from the GTA.  
Workshops, speakers, etc.  Marcia Wallace 416-736-2100 x77829 
mwallace@yorku.ca  http://www.yorku.ca/dept/urban/index.html 

* SUSTAINABILITY NETWORK, Wed Feb 16, Toronto.  Full-
day workshop for environmental non-profits on the Carver model 
of policy governance.  Downtown Toronto YMCA.  Details by 
mid-January.  Also, on-line FUNDRAISING TRAINING by Ken 
Wyman, date t.b.a. Paul Bubelis 416-760-8602  
bubelis@switchtech.net  http://sustain.web.net

Ontario Horticultural Crops Annual Conference & Trade Show, 
Wed. Feb. 16 & 17, 2000.  In conjunction with Farmer's Markets 
Ontario networking symposium.  Regal Constellation Hotel, 900 
Dixon Rd., Toronto. $40/day.  Kevin Schooley 613-258-8359  
kschoole@omafra.gov.on.ca  (Ed's note: main focus is on 
conventional approaches)

Feb. 17, 7:30pm. Topic: t.b.a. Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen St. W.  
Free.   Followed by an hour of the Coalition's inspired networking! 
(Please check later posting or call to confirm).  Michael Berger 
416-782-4589  http://www.web.net/ecorecov

PERSPECTIVE, Wed. Feb. 23, 4pm, Toronto.  U. of T. Institute 
for Environmental Studies Seminar with Professor Ted Munn. No 
registration req'd; all welcome. Room 2093, Earth Sciences Ctr., 
Huron & Bancroft. http://www.utoronto.ca/env/seminars.htm 
Mona El-Haddad 416-978-6526  m.elhaddad@utoronto.ca

* Aerosols, climate and air quality - a Canadian Approach, Wed. 
Mar. 1, 4pm, Toronto.  U. of T. Institute for Environmental Studies 
Seminar with Sunling Gong, Research Scientist, Atmospheric 
Environment Service. No registration req'd; all welcome. Room 
2093, Earth Sciences Ctr., Huron & Bancroft.  
http://www.utoronto.ca/env/seminars.htm Mona El-Haddad 416-
978-6526  m.elhaddad@utoronto.ca

* Urban Air Particulates: potential health effects, Thurs. Mar. 2, 
4pm, Toronto.  Env. & Health Seminar with Brian McCarry, Dept. 
of Chemistry, McMaster U. Conference room, Gage Occup. & 
Env. Health Unit, 223 College St. (enter at Ross St.). Pat Brown 
416-978-4353  p.brown@utoronto.ca

* Health Effects of Air Pollutants: recent Canadian research, Thurs 
Mar 9, 4pm, Toronto.  Env. & Health Seminar with Jeff Brook, 
Atmospheric Environment Service, Environment Canada. Conf. 
room, Gage Occup. & Env. Health Unit, 223 College St. (enter at 
Ross St.). Pat Brown 416-978-4353  p.brown@utoronto.ca

Film for a Greener Planet, Thurs.Mar. 9, 2000, 7-9pm. (1) Film: 
GREAT LAKES, GREAT LAWNS; speaker Janet May.  (2) Film: 
No Grapes; speaker: Toronto Environmental Alliance.  (3) Film: 
Hormone Copycats.  Free.  Metro Hall room 302, 55 John St., 
Toronto. Women's Network on Health & the Environment, 416-
928-0880 weed@web.net 

* GREEN ENERGY & DEREGULATION of the energy market in 
Ontario: a public perspective, Wed. Mar. 15, 4pm, Toronto.  U. of 
T. Institute for Environmental Studies Seminar with Daniel Scott, 
Adaptation & Impacts Research Group (Environment Canada). No 
registration req'd; all welcome. Room 2093, Earth Sciences Ctr., 
Huron & Bancroft. http://www.utoronto.ca/env/seminars.htm 
Mona El-Haddad 416-978-6526  m.elhaddad@utoronto.ca

* Cleaning Our Mining Act: a north-south dialogue, Tues. Mar. 21, 
time t.b.a., Toronto.  U. of T. Institute for Environmental Studies 
Seminar with Beatrice Labonne, Coordinator, Tech. Co-operation 
Activities, Dept. of Econ. & Social Affairs, United Nations, NY.  
No registration req'd; all welcome. Location t.b.a. Info: 
http://www.utoronto.ca/env/seminars.htm Mona El-Haddad 416-
978-6526  m.elhaddad@utoronto.ca

* Paradigms & Attitudes to Environment & Health: some 
philosophical reflections, Thurs Mar 23, 4pm, Toronto.  Env. & 
Health Seminar with Ingrid Stefanovic, Dept of Philosophy, U of 
Toronto. Conf. room, Gage Occup. & Env. Health Unit, 223 
College St. (enter at Ross St.). Pat Brown 416-978-4353  
Practical Steps to Sustainability, Sun. Mar. 26, 2000.  West 
Carleton Secondary School (west of Ottawa).  7th Generation 
Community Projects, 7thgeneration@echelon.ca  
http://www.echelon.ca/7thgeneration  613-839-3997 

Rooftop & Container Gardening, Thurs. Mar. 30, 2000, Toronto. 
6:30-9:30pm. Rooftops are a city's great untapped resource!  How 
to's; social & enviro benefits.  $40 + materials. Cdn Coll of Naturo-
pathic Medicine, 1255 Sheppard E. Register 416-498-1255 ext.233.
NETWORKING MEETING, Fri. Mar 30 & Sat. Apr. 1, Kitchener.  
Reps from over 75 environmental groups from across Ontario 
share their stories, experiences & strategies.  Local issues panel 
Friday evening & main conference open to all.  Planned OEN 
caucus discussions (for member groups & others by invitation) 
include: Sustainable Transport; Land Use; Forests; Water; Air 
Quality; Labour; Youth; Waste; Energy.  Open space available.  
OEN 705-840-2888  oen@web.net   http://www.web.net/oen

Film for a Greener Planet, Thurs. Apr. 13, 2000, 7-9pm. (1) Film: 
Everyday Carcinogens: Acting for Prevention; speaker Dr. Lynn 
Marshall.  (2) Film: Stopping Cancer Where it Starts: Toxic Links 
Coalition; speaker: Envirn'tal Health Clinic, WCH.  Free. Metro 
Hall room 302, 55 John St., Toronto. Women's Network on Health 
& the Environment, 416-928-0880 weed@web.net 
Developing Business for a Sustainable Future, Sat. Apr. 15, 
2000.  Irish Hills Golf & Country Club, 3248 Carp Rd, Carp (1/2 
hr. west of Ottawa).  7th Generation Community Projects, 
7thgeneration@echelon.ca  http://www.echelon.ca/7thgeneration  
Symposium, Mon. Apr. 17-18, 2000, Toronto.  Scott Dagostino, 
416-597-2293 scottd@ccp.ca  Radisson Plaza Hotel, 90 Bloor St. E.

Earth Day 2000, Sat. Apr. 22.  Mark Dubois 206-876-2000 x203 
mdubois@earthday.net http://www.earthday.net   Earth Day Cda.
416-599-1991  earthday@earthday.ca  http://www.earthday.ca, 
http://www.ecokids.earthday.ca  http://www.jourdelaterre.org

* MAYDAY 2000 Global Day of Action, Mon. May 1, worldwide.  
Global Day of Action, in recognition that the capitalist system, 
based on the exploitation of people, societies & the environment 
for the profit of a few, is the prime cause of our social and 
ecological troubles ... People of different movements & different 
countries will again join forces ... decentralised network of 
grassroots groups that employ non-authoritarian, grassroots 
democratic forms of organisation.  http://www.ainfos.ca/   
http://www.infoshop.org/  Mailing list: tcjohans@hotmail.com.  
International mailing list: send a blank email to mayday2k-
subscribe@onelist.com  or  
http://www.infoshop.org/june18.html  http://www.j18.org  
http://go.to/n30  http://www.seattlewto.org/n30  

Canadian Pollution Prevention Roundtable, May 3-5, 2000, 
Toronto. http://c2p2.sarnia.com (click roundtables)  800-667-9790 

Riverdale Park East, Broadview Ave.  Description of past event 
(fall 99):  Cornucopia food fare; children's activities (eco play; 
imagination garden; lanterns of hope); GREEN MARKET; 
environmental & scientific displays & programs; body & soul 
holistic fair; plant sale; art park; eco-stage 2:30-4pm; help plant 
native shrubs & trees 10am-noon; live music 2-6pm; lantern 
procession 7-8pm; dance under the stars 8-9pm.  416-469-2977  
information@festiveearth.com   http://www.festiveearth.com/mayday.html

Film for a Greener Planet, Thurs. May. 11, 2000, 7-9pm. (1) Film: 
Who's Counting? Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies & Global 
Economics; speaker Judy Rebick, CBC Journalist.  Free.  Metro 
Hall room 302, 55 John St., Toronto. Women's Network on Health 
& the Environment, 416-928-0880 weed@web.net 

Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada, Wed. May 17 - Sun 
May 21, 2000, Ottawa. Annual meeting, education forum & staff 
development conference.  Dozens of workshops, speakers, events.  
http://www.chfc.ca  613-230-2201  fax 613-230-2231  lstephenson@chfc.ca


THE WHOLE VILLAGE, every second Thursday, near King City, 
Ontario.  25 families from a variety of backgrounds, who have 
come together to preserve agricultural land by actively farming in a 
way that sustains farm families and the rural economy. Our 
intention is to create an ecologically sustainable farming 
community; to protect and enhance the natural habitat through the 
use of conservation easements and other means.  Currently we are 
in the advanced planning stage to create the Whole Village on a 
300 acre site near Newmarket, Ontario.  New members & other 
interested persons welcome.  Design meetings,open to the public, 
are held every second Thursday near King City.   Orientation 
meetings for prospective members are held monthly. 
<http://www.wholevillage.org> <joinus@wholevillage.org>  905-

THE REEL WORLD FILM SERIES. Films on social justice, 
human rights & environmental issues from an international 
perspective. Every few weeks at U of T.  Global Solidarity Action 
Group. OPIRG 416-978-7770 (ask for mooky) 


* Anti-WTO Demo, Davos, Switzerland, Jan 29, 2000.  At the 
World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland Jan 27 - 
Feb 1, 2000 to restart the WTO.  WEF web site:  
<http://www.weforum.org>.  Anti-WTO Coordination Switzerland 
Tel ++41-31-302 66 60; Fax ++41-31-302 78 74 <anti-
wto@reitschule.ch>   <http://www.reitschule.ch/reitschule/anti-
wto>  English translation of leaflet: Alain Kessi <kessi@bitex.com>

Pennsylvania. 9th annual Farming for the Future Conference. The 
Pennsylvania Assoc. for Sustainable Agriculture presents Vandana 
Shiva (author of Stolen Harvest, alt Nobel Peace Prize winner 
1993), John Todd (founder of New Alchemy Institute & Living 
Technologies, Inc. "living machines"), and workshops including 
pastured poultry; grass-based dairy systems, soil health & 
composting, seed ownership/GMOs/globalization, Consumer 
Shared Agriculture, organic vegetable production, rotational 
grazing, value-added marketing. Location: State College, 
Millheim, Pennsylvania.  Info/brochure: Kate Francis 814-349-
9856 ext. 2  info@pasafarming.org  http://www.pasafarming.org

* First International Conference of Student Representatives for 
Sustainable Development, Adana, Turkey, Feb 29 - Mar 5, 2000. 
Reps of university youth councils from all over the world to 
discuss the challenges ahead and forms of cooperation among 
universities within an institutionalized framework. 
Accommodation and meals will be provided.  Applic deadline Jan 
15 2000. The Secretariat of Youth for Habitat International 
Network (Youth Association for Habitat and Agenda 21) Tel: +90 
212 272 12 12 / 212 90 24 (voice)  Tel/Fax: +90 212 272 45 96 
youthforhab@turk.net, info@youthforhab.org.tr  http://www.youthforhab.org.tr

WITH ADVOCACY, Mar. 8-12, 2000, New Hampshire. The 
conference is designed to encourage and strengthen student 
involvement in their communities.  Who should attend: college 
student-volunteers, faculty, and professionals.  Location: Saint 
Anselm College, Manchester, New Hampshire.  Contact: Tobi 
Bennington, Campus Outreach Opportunity League, 1531 P Street,  
N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005 Tel: 202-265-1200 Fax: 202-265-
3241  http://www.COOL2SERVE.org 

* BIO 2000 - Biotechnology Industry Organization Annual 
Convention, Mar 26-30, 2000, Boston, Massacheusetts.  
Industry contact: briant@earth.goddard.edu  802-229-0836 
* Interested activists (picket line, flyers, etc.) contact: Lorna 
Salzman 718-522-0253 lsalzman@aba.org

* Issues Affecting Rural Communities, May 1-5, Nanaimo, BC.  
Malaspina University-College.  http://www.mala.bc.ca/ruralconf
Millenial Stews: Food & Food Systems in the Global City, Thurs. 
June 1 - Sun. June 4, 2000.  Association for the Study of Food and 
Society and The Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society.  
Department of Nutrition & Food Studies, New York University 
World Congress on Managing and Measuring Sustainable 
Development, Kananaskis Village, BC, Aug. 17-22, 2000.  
Germain Dufour, Society for World Sustainable Development, 
#308, 920-9 Avenue S.W. Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 2T9  403-
265-3404  gdufour@globalcommunitywebnet.com 


open minded students, staff, faculty and community members who 
wish to partake in an open, accessible, free, non-corporate, non-
traditional, diverse alternative [to] University of Toronto. To begin 
in January, 2000.  >> Teach non-traditional course material; 
highlighting the knowledges of indigenous, ethnic, diverse & 
marginalized communities. >> Explore & experiment with 
alternative educational forums, styles & topics; eliminating stifling 
hierarchies & closed-mindedness.   >> Teach the basics (or 
advanced) Arts & Science courses to those who don't have access 
to this expensive & exclusive (elitist) university.  >> T.A's come 
strut-your-stuff! Teach other student's the value of your research 
(as long as you don't teach class material from your regular 
classes)!  Note this is not the creation of a new separate school, but 
the reclaiming of what should belong to the public! Early response 
has been overwhelming, with a great deal of enthusiasm and 
support coming from many individuals.  If you know someone (not 
necessarily from the narrow halls of academia), who you think 
would be a great teacher (facilitator) - please pass the word.  If you 
are interested in teaching a course, attending classes, helping 
organize, offering suggestions and support, please contact us.  
Open to all.  CUPE-3902 has endorsed this initiative.  Chris 
Rampsroop 416-832-4932; chris.rampsroop@utoronto.ca  Gillian 
Morton 416-978-8201  Oriel Varga oriel_varga@utoronto.ca  Paul 
Tsang p.tsang@utoronto.ca

Work in exchange for room, board, learning & fun.  Support the 
organic movement and get hands-on experience.  $30 annual fee 
for list of 400 host farms across Canada.  John Vanden Heuvel, 
RR #2, S.18, C.9, Nelson, BC, V1L 5P5.  604-354-4417  
New web site http://www.members.tripod.com/~wwoof  
(incl. world-wide links)  wwoofcan@uniserve.com

Check out the new http://www.greenontario.org website!  
Still under construction (12/99): scroll down to see what's 
running so far.  A great first stop for environmental info & 
activism in Ontario.  A Project of the Conservation Council of Ontario

* WTO VIDEO AVAILABLE: Fantastic, inspiring 15 minute 
video "RIP WTO N30" from Seattle.  Available from: Pickaxe 
Productions, 1430 Willamette St. #506, Eugene, OR 97401
pickaxeprod@igc.org  Tim Ream 541-344-8966 
http://www.ecoecho.org/pickaxe/pickaxe.html   However, if you 
live in Toronto & would like a copy, try Bill Howes 
bhowes@tylc.org at Metro Labour Council 416-441-3663 & Brent 
Patterson sj.ht@tap.net, Council of Canadians, Toronto office 416-
885-6283, to see if they could buy it in bulk $4.50 US delivered to 

* McMaster Institute of Environment & Health - Diploma 
Program. On campus or distance education.  Monica Anderson, 
905-525-9140 x27559  ecoenvir@mcmail.cis.mcmaster.ca

* Survey on GE Foods / Voluntary Labeling.  CBC/TV 
Marketplace aired a piece on Genetically Engineered food in the 
first week of December - in particular it looked at  'voluntary' 
labelling - and exposed it for the sham it is!  At the conclusion of 
the excellent broadcast - CBC asked Canadians to partipate in their 
labeling survey.  See the summary of the program on their website 
(above) and find the survey at the link for  "Tell us how you feel..." 
http://cbc.ca/consumers/market/files/food/gmfood/cbc.html  The 
site is very slow by modem - you may want to turn off images, 
first.  See also http://cbc.ca/marketplace

Check out their (new?) web site at http://www.trec.on.ca/

Toronto.  The editor of the People- & Planet-Friendly Events, 
recently returned to Toronto, is seeking room with kitchen use, 
for a period of a week to a month or more (whatever works for 
you) in Jan. and/or Feb.  Services I could offer in exchange 
for room include: activist work (writing, editing, outreach, 
events...), database programming, marketing, bookkeeping/
admin, tutoring, computer training, as well as baby-sitting, 
house sitting, driving, cooking, cleaning, painting, snow- 
shoveling, therapeutic massage, etc.  Clean & quiet; references 
available.  I have a car but could park it elsewhere.  Please call 
Peter at 416-410-8630 icontario@aol.com.  

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"When we all think the same, no one thinks very much" - Walter 
Lippman.  "This applied to Germany under Hitler -- and it applies 
to North America under capitalism" - Anonymous.
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