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People- & Planet-Friendly Events Update & Feature (2000/01/06)

Revised Thurs. Jan. 6, 2000
Here are upcoming SUSTAINABLE LIVING,  
workshops, courses, meetings, conferences, etc. in  
Toronto, Ontario & beyond.  Please *PASS THIS ON* or  
post at your office or neighbourhood.  Send new events  
to both icontario@aol.com AND icontario@hotmail.com   
*** CONTENTS ***  
(A) New Events in Ontario 
(B) Recurring / Ongoing Events 
(C) New Events Beyond Ontario
(D) Notices 
(F) Hot Spots & Cool Links
(G) About this List  

This is the *UPDATE EDITION*, which only includes  
events that have not been mentioned in previous messages
(plus a few reminders of events coming up this week).   
The full edition "Calendar" will be sent periodically

Here are NEW or modified events listed since the Dec. 26 calendar. 
In order by date.  Please remember to (also) post your events at: 

This issues events are in Toronto; Kortright; Ottawa & Kemptville;
St. Clements (Waterloo); Thunder Bay; University campuses across 
Canada; On-line.

* Anti-Corporate Rule Action Group, Wed. Jan 5, 6:30pm, Toronto.  
Opposing, challenging, building alternatives to corporate rule.  
WTO; corporatization of campus; access to education, etc. Location: 
International Student Centre, St. George St. on U. of T. campus.  
(More info: Ontario Public Research Group (OPIRG-Toronto) 455 
Spadina Ave.)

Meetings, Thurs Jan 6, 5pm & Thurs Jan 13, 5pm, Toronto. Being 
organized by students, staff, faculty and community members 
interested in reclaiming university education for the people. The aim 
is to create an open, accessible, inclusive, non-corporate, no-fees 
University of Toronto.  This is a volunteer effort, with the 
classes/workshops/discussion groups being held at U of T and 
surrounding community centres. Anyone who wants a forum for free 
discussion and would like to learn in a free environment is 
encouraged to participate.  If you are interested in teaching a course, 
attending classes and/or helping organize the free university, please 
come to the weekly planning meetings at  U of T Women's Centre, 
563 Spadina Ave., on the west side of Spadina Circle, just north of 
College.  All welcome.   More info: Chris Ramsaroop, 416-832-
4932;  Paul Tsang p.tsang@utoronto.ca;  Elan Ohayon 
ohayon@chass.utoronto.ca  Web Site: 

* Toronto-Area GREEN PARTY Meeting, Mon Jan 10, 6:30-
8:30pm, Toronto. Election Preparations; Federal Riding 
Associations/candidates;  Municipal Election prep, November 2000;  
Province of Toronto?; GPO Annual Policy Conference, Spring 2000; 
GPC Biannual Conference, Ottawa, Summer 2000; Anti-pesticide 
petition; Nuclear reactor sales to Turkey;  Oak Ridges Moraine.  All 
welcome.  244 Gerrard St E., (at Ontario St) 416-929-2397

* BEFRIENDING THE EARTH, beginning Mon. Jan. 10, 7-9pm, 
Ottawa/Nepean.  Awareness & action circle at Centrepointe 
House/Bethany Baptist Church.  To empower Canadians to create 
earth-friendly lifestyles & sustainable communities.  Eight Monday 
evenings.  Meeting times flexible. Register: Isobel McGregor 613-

* Daishowa Seeks BAN ON RIGHT TO BOYCOTT, Tues Jan 11-
12, Toronto.  Daishowa is trying to overturn the Ontario court 
decision that ruled people in Ontario have the right to organize a 
consumer boycott of Daishowa products. At the same time, Daishowa 
has contracted a forestry company the "logging rights"  in an area 
which includes Lubicon traditional territory. Let's show the media 
and judiciary that people care about the Lubicons and about our right 
to speak out about corporate actions with which we disagree.  We 
need you to help pack the courtroom in Osgoode Hall, 130 Queen St. 
W. Corner of University Ave., Toronto. Tentative start time 10am.  
Confirmed time & court room number should be available after Jan 7 
on our newly updated web site http://www.tao.ca/~fol/ or on the FoL 
Hotline 416-763-7500.    fol@tao.ca

* Toronto WTO Action Coalition, Wed Jan 12, 7pm, Toronto. 
Oxfam Office, 1011 Bloor St. West Sid Lacombe, 416-964-0419;  
416-535-2335 ext 127  sid_lacombe@yahoo.com

* FREE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO - Weekly Planning Meeting, 
Thurs Jan 13, 5pm, Toronto. See details Jan 6, above.  Women's 
Centre, 563 Spadina Ave., on the west side of Spadina Circle, just 
north of College.  All welcome.   More info: Chris Ramsaroop, 416-
832-4932;  Paul Tsang p.tsang@utoronto.ca;  Elan Ohayon 
ohayon@chass.utoronto.ca   http://www.utoronto.ca/acc/freeu/

Film for a Greener Planet, Thurs. Jan. 13, 2000, 7-9pm. (1) Film: 
ECOLOGY & SPIRITUALITY; speaker Steven Dunn on Thomas 
Berry.  (2) Film: Adam's World; speaker: feminist theologian 
Elizabeth Dodson-Gray.  Free.  Room 308, Metro Hall, 55 John 
St., Toronto. Women's Network on Health & the Environment, 
416-928-0880 weed@web.net 

WORKSHOP, Fri. Jan. 14, 2000, 9am - 4 pm, Toronto. 
For small, grassroots, new and emerging organizations that need to 
find new sources of funding.  $75 (incl. breakfast, lunch & 
valuable handouts) Community Social Planning Council - Toronto, 
2 Carlton St. #1001, Toronto ON.  Please contact CSPC-T no later 
than Fri. Jan. 7. Only those registered and paid in advance will be 
admitted.  Info: Maria Serrano: 416-351-0095 Fax: 416-351-0107 

* FAMILY FARM TRIBUTE Concert, Sun. Jan. 16, 1-5pm, 
Toronto.  Show your support for Canada's family farms & rural 
communities by attending this unique musical & educational event.  
Among the featured entertainers will be Prairie Oyster, Gordon 
Lightfoot, Susan Aglukark, Randy Bachman, Wide Mouth Mason, 
Big Sugar, Michael Burgess, Kevin Parent, Ronnie Hawkins and the 
Hawks, Sharon, Lois & Bram, and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.  
There will also be information tables and a video presentation.  The 
concert is being organized by Dennis Mills, MP for Broadview-
Greenwood, with the involvement of the National Farmers Union and 
other organizations, to help galvanize urban support for the survival 
and well-being of the family farm throughout Canada.  Tickets $10-
$20, Air Canada Centre box office or Ticketmaster 416-870-8000  
<http://www.ticketmaster.ca>.  Info: 416-462-3250  
<http://www.familyfarmtribute.com>  See feature article, below, for 
more info.

* RIVERDALE COHOUSING Information Meeting, Mon Jan 17, 
7:30pm, Toronto.  Riverdale Cohousing is a village in the city which 
offers a practical use of shared resources, cultivates personal 
relationships, and strives for diversity and environmental 
sustainability.  We share a city block just a short walk from the 
subway,  3 bus routes and 2 streetcar routes.  For meeting location, 
and to confirm your attendance.  416-461-6461  Learn more about 
cohousing on the web:  http://www.cohousing.org

9:30pm, Kortright.  Discover how to generate electricity using cost-
effective, practical & reliable solar & wind energy. Workshops are 
held in a cottage completely powered by solar and wind energy. See 
http://www.kortright.org for additional spring dates for levels 1, 2 & 
3. Register/info: 905-832-2289

Environment David Anderson today launched a review of the 
Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. This will be the first full 
review of the legislation, which came into effect in January 1995 and 
requires that a review be undertaken every five years. Public hearings 
will be held across Canada in the new year.  Pre-registration is 
encouraged.  Alternatively, Canadians may submit their comments to 
the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency by letter, fax or e-
mail by March 31.  Toronto, Tues Feb 22;  Ottawa, Mon Jan 31;  
Thunder Bay, Wed Feb 21  Ghislaine Kerry, Canadian 
Environmental Assessment Agency: 819-953-0179 (collect calls 
accepted)  Fax: (819) 953-8592  ghislaine.kerry@ceaa.gc.ca   [More 
details in the Dec. 14th issue of Natural Life Magazine 

* ACCESS 2000, Wed Feb 2, university campuses across Canada.  A 
campaign by the Canadian Federation of  Students calling for the 
restoration of social program funding, a reduction in tuition fees, and 
a federally  coordinatored system of needs-based grants. Info re 
UofT:  gsunion@chass.utoronto.ca  416-978-2391; Info on Access 
2000 campaign: http://www.cfs-fcee.ca 1-800-789-5870

Feb 9, 7:30-9:30pm, Toronto.  Edwin Daniels: Professor of 
Pharmacology and Toxicology, McMaster University;  Peter 
Hannam: President, First Line Seeds; Former Head, Ontario 
Federation of Agriculture; and an Ontario farmer Rod McRae: food 
policy consultant, author of Real Food; The Federal Ministers of 
Health and Agriculture have been invited. St. Lawrence Centre 
Forum, a series of panel discussions & debates on social and political 
issues.  Free.  Location: St. Lawrence Centre, 27 Front St. E., 2 blks 
s. of the King subway.  http://www.stlc.com/forums.htm

* Keeping Pace with the GROWING DEMAND FOR ORGANIC 
FOOD, Feb. 13, Kemptville.  Ecol. Farming Day sponsored by 
Canadian Organic Growers Ottawa.  Workshops: Organic 
Production for Beginner & Transition Farmers; Organic Greenhouse 
Production; Organic Fruit Production in Eastern Ontario; organic 
Meat & Poultry Production; Small-Scale Food Processing; Creative 
Financing for the Smaall Operation.  At W.B. George Centre, 
Kemptville College, 8:30am-4pm.  Doug Scott 613-258-3044, fax 
613-258-9473  dascott@sympatico.ca  http://www.gks.com/cog

* Planning in a Multicultural Region, Tues Feb 15, Toronto.  At 
York University.  $35-$75.  Marcia Wallace  416-736-2100 x77829  

9:30pm, Kortright.  Discover how to generate electricity using cost-
effective, practical & reliable solar & wind energy. Workshops are 
held in a cottage completely powered by solar and wind energy. See 
http://www.kortright.org for additional spring dates for levels 1, 2 & 
3. Register/info: 905-832-2289

* Official World Bank on-line Debate on Poverty, Mon Feb 21 - Mar 
31, on-line. The World Bank's research reports have a significant 
impact on development thinking and programmes and generate major 
global press coverage. The WDR is the Bank's flagship publication, 
and over 150,000 copies are printed, a large number of which will be 
distributed free across the world.  For the first time ever, the Bank is 
widely circulating a draft WDR.  The Bretton Woods Project and 
New Policy Institute have been selected to independently run a global 
online discussion of the draft.  Participation is your opportunity to 
voice comments on the draft and potentially influence the final 
report..  More info & to sign up:  http://www.brettonwoodsproject.org   

* An Evening with Svend Robinson, Thurs Feb 24, 7pm, Ottawa.  
Svend Robinson, Federal NDP spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and 
International Human Rights, MP for Burnaby-Douglas.  Svend will 
speak on international issues including the links between trade and 
human rights, the abolition of nuclear weapons, and other current 
peace issues.  Reception & silent auction.  Free/by donation. 
Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade. First Unitarian Congregation of 
Ottawa, 30 Cleary Ave.  Ria Heynen 613-828-8468 or COAT 

* URBAN GROWTH MANAGEMENT - the Portland Model, 
Thurs Apr 13, Toronto.  At York University.  
http://www.yorku.ca/org/gtaforum/   gtainfo@yorku.ca

* International Conference on Penal Abolition, May 10-13, Toronto. 
Examine the links between corporate dominance and the growing 
prison industry.  416-972-9992  <ritten@interlog.com>  

Meeting & Workshop, Sun. May 28, St. Clements.  Environmental 
Learning Centre, YMCA Paradise Lake Camp, St. Clements (near 
Waterloo).  Ziggy Kleinau phone/fax 519-795-7725  




* Depleted Uranium Video & Book.  On Dec. 26, CBS's Sixty 
Minutes did a segment of its show on the possible dangers from 
depleted-uranium weapons [that were used extensively in Iraq & 
Yugoslavia].  Ellen Andors, who works with the People's Video 
Network, has produced a video about depleted uranium "Metal of  
Dishonor", "an in-depth analysis of the use of depleted uranium in 
the 1991 Gulf War." Andors said the goal of her video was "not only 
to educate the public in the U.S. about the use of DU weapons and 
their effects. It also shows it was not the first time the Pentagon used 
weapons of mass destruction in such a way that even their own troops 
were guinea pigs.  This happened with atomic bombs and with Agent 
Orange, and we show it." The book & video are available on the new 
web-site http://www.leftbooks.com/    International Action Center, 
New York NY, iacenter@iacenter.org  http://www.iacenter.org  212-

* Other Event Listings (complete list in full calendar edition):  
Web Networks Events: http://events.web.net/    Now Magazine - 
Events & Grassroots column.  listings@now.com 
http://www.now.com/forms/dailies.html   news@now.com  
416-461-0871  fax 416-461-2886.

The following is from the Family Farm Tribute website 
(Please see the above event listing: Family Farm Tribute Concert, 
Sun. Jan. 16, 1-5pm, Toronto)


The family farms in this country are experiencing difficulties 
of a magnitude surpassed only by those of the 1930s.
Included in those difficulties are weather and climatic
conditions, income shortfalls, the value of the Canadian
dollar, the existence of comparatively large US and European
farm subsidies, and more.

-- Weather --

El Nino and strange environmental conditions--all of us have
heard about or experienced this, right? Droughts, cold
snaps, flooding, etc. Well, imagine how these sorts of
environmental conditions affect the farmers. 

As just one example of this, unseasonably warm weather
during the winter months can cause severe flooding. And
flooding in an agricultural community can virtually wipe out
the next year's crop and business for the farming family.

-- Income --

Ever been cash-strapped? Sure, most of us have been at one
time or another. But what if your source of income was a
family farm? And even though your farm is producing lots of
fruits, or vegetables or dairy, meat or poultry, you and your
family can't sustain your farm with that level of income.

Did you know that the average net household income for
work on the family farm is only $12,624 - which represents
less than a quarter of their total income? That means that
the farming families of this county are having to supplement
their livelihoods (and imagine the hours a farming family must
be working each week) through working off the farm.

-- What About Government Subsidies?  Subsidies, you ask? --

Consider this: In addition to everything else, Canadian
farmers must also compete with heavily subsidized
European and American farmers for world markets. It is
estimated that European Union farmers enjoy $120.3 billion
in subsidies each year. In the United States farmers are
granted $68.7 billion in subsidies, while in Canada, $4.8
billion is available to farmers. 

The practice of farm subsidies abroad, and our own Canadian
system of subsidies, in another challenge for everyone

-- But Canada has Plenty of Agricultural Land --

Despite the huge size of our county, only about 7% of
Canada is farmland. The main factor restricting crop
production is climate.

And with that 7% of our total land mass, about one in three
farming operations close every five years, replaced by a
smaller number of new farms.

Farming has never been a lucrative business. Yet farmers
are a vital part of the fabric of Canadian society, forming a
pillar of our history, and a mainstay of our modern economy.
Every time you buy that loaf of bread, or a kilo of beef, or bag
of apples, even a case of beer, remember where the food and
the main ingredients of that food came from in the first place.


The responsibility has fallen upon our shoulders to ensure
that our family farms grow, and prosper into the future. 
Without your help, the backbone of our society may be lost

Contact your local Member of Parliament. Contact your
provincial member. Contact your local regional or municipal
councillor. Let your elected officials know how you feel about
the family farms in Canada and what you would like done to
preserve and strengthen a healthy future for family
farming--and for all Canadians--in this country.

A list of email/contact info for each MP may be obtained
through <http://www.gc.ca> in the directories section.


1. Contact you Federal MP, your provincial MPP or MLA, and
your local representatives and ask them what they are doing
for Canadian agriculture and to support the Canadian family

2. Take your friends, children or other family members and visit
your local library, farm-related web sites, your local museum,
and, if you are near a rural area, an agricultural community to
learn more about Canada's heritage through agriculture.

3. Let our Canadian farmers know that you care by writing a
letter to the editor of your favourite newspaper. Express your
concerns and share them with others.

4. Ask your local school teachers and education
representatives to include basic education in their programs on
Canada's agricultural heritage. Many farm organizations have
dynamic and excellent teaching kits available.

5. Wear a gold ribbon to show you care for our farm families,
and encourage others to do so.

6. Consider the source of your food. When buying your food,
ask yourself how much of that came from Canada's family
farms and how much of that is imported. Consider buying
Canadian-grown food products.

7. Consider volunteering your time to an organization working
with farm families in crisis. Your local phone book will list such
organizations and your federal and provincial representatives
can also provide that information for you.

8. When making your food purchases, remember that Canada
produces the highest quality and safest products in the world.

9. Take your family or friends to visit a pick-your-own fruit or
vegetable farm.

10. Ask your school, community college or university to host a
farm, agriculture and agri--food awareness day.

11. Visit your local farmer's market to meet, speak with and
learn from the farmers themselves.

12. Join the Family Farm Tribute on January 16, 2000 and be
part of the total Tribute Experience.

- From the Family Farm Tribute web-site: 
(Please see the above event listing: Family Farm Tribute Concert, 
Sun. Jan. 16, 1-5pm, Toronto)

Ed's note:  There are many organizations involved in sustainable 
agriculture, food supply & rural society.  I may include a list of links 
& resources in a future edition or on the PPF web site (under 
construction).  If anybody knows of such a list, please let me know - 
or send me a copy!    - Peter

North Bay ON, P1B 8K6.  705-840-2888  http://www.web.net/~oen   oen@web.net

http://www.sustainable.org   info@sustainable.org 

NEWSMAGAZINE.  RR 1, St. George, ON N0E 1N0  519-448-
4001  fax: 519-448-4411  natural@life.ca  http://www.life.ca  Print 
and on-line editions. 
Activist resource centre; literature; bulletin board.  New address: 
563 Spadina, S of Harbord.  Mon-Wed 2-6pm; other hours vary.  
416-978-7770  opirg@campuslife.utoronto.ca  

info@ecotique.com http://www.ecotique.com   $8.95  Available 
in Toronto at Noah’s & Grassroots; see web-site for more locations

W. at Brunswick 416-944-1993 and 372 Danforth at Chester 416-
466-2841 grassrts@web.net  

- ECOVILLAGES, Cohousing, Intentional Community in Ontario: 
introductory e-mail available.  icontario@hotmail.com  
http://www.gaia.org  http://www.ic.org  http://www.cohousing.org

- KARMA FOOD CO-OP.  Toronto's only storefront food co-op.  
Great selection of organic & conventional veggies, bulk, meat, 
dairy, groceries.  Come by for a trial shop.  Mon 12-7; Tues-Thurs 
12-9; Fri 10-9; Sat 10-6; Sun 11-5.  739 Palmerston (in back lane), 
near Bathurst subway.  416-534-1470.   

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