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Public Lecture on Cluster Bombs

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Cluster Bombs - landmines by another name?
The impact of cluster bombs on non-combatants and post-conflict recovery

time: Monday, 24th January, 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
location: Ottawa Public Library Auditorium, 120 Metcalfe St., Ottawa

with Rae McGrath, author of a recent study on the impact of cluster bombs
which brought him to Kosovo and Sudan

Rae McGrath is a Nobel Peace Prize Co-laureate as a co-founder of the
International Campaign to Ban Landmines. He was instrumental in the
establishment of the first wide-scale United Nations mine clearance
operations in Afghanistan, is the founder and former director of the
international demining  NGO Mines Advisory Group, and has worked in many of
the worst mine-affected countries in the world.

more information:
Mary Foster, 241 3777
Mines Action Canada

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