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ACTION ALERT: ONTARIO: help stop Harris regime's religious bigotry! (fwd)


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Subject: ACTION ALERT: ONTARIO: help stop Harris regime's religious bigotry! (fwd)
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Subject: ACTION ALERT: ONTARIO: help stop Harris regime's religious bigotry!
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Premier Michael D. Harris of Ontario has instituted policies of religious 
intolerance in terms of education:  Roman Catholics are allowed provincially
funded education which is denied to Muslims and Jews. Media reports indicate
that Catholic bishops have complained to the Harris regime of his religious 
intolerance which paints the Catholics as the villains of the piece but the
real truth is it is Michael D. Harris's policies. 

Please help! Harris has created such a climate of fear with his quasi-fascist
policies that while the vast majority of Ontarians speak openly to each 
other of the current Tory govt. of Ontario and of how they hate him and his
flunky mnisters, they are terrified to fight back.

Ontarians are dying in the streets becasue of cutbacks to social services 
and disability programs, becasue of hospital cutbacks.

He is the only premier in Canada in our history to have had to hide behind  
riot police when touring the province.

Records available through the Ontario Hansard [May 3, 1999] online s
how that despite his crowing about the deficit he and his cabinet 
have put Ontarians into debt: they borrowed 25 billion dollars to 
fund the tax cuts that got hm into power. In the process he is 
destroying Ontario's credit rating.

He is from all appearancs a larcenous con-man and  headed down the slippery
slope to a fascist state.

Canada's capital city,  Ottawa, is in Ontario.  It is the coldest capital 
on earth. Since Harris was elected our homelessnes rate has steadily 
climbed to the point that Ottawa now has the highest homeless rate in the 
country. Since he was elected people have been freezing to death in the 
streets. One man died right under Harris's window at Queen's Park. That
was during his first term.  Ontario is slowly being turned into a wild 
west nightmare: casinos, brothels, pawn shoppes line th strets of most 

Harris's policis are killing people.

Last week a 15 year old boy died from an asthma attack as a direct result of Harris closing hospitals, and ordering redirects. The child never got 
treatment before succumbing to a lack of oxygen.
Today it was -25 Celsius with the windchill, the day before it was 
-50 with the wind chill factor. People are freezing to death in the 
streets of one of the G-8's vaunted developed countries.

Conditions are appalling.  he has done so much more that verges on pure evil
but there is no room to list it all here. :-(

Harris must be stopped - we need the world's help to dislodge what 
appears to be a megalomanical psychopath and sadist who has bamboozled 
his way into power. 

There is much much more he has done in his two terms in office, almost 
all of it not just bad but highly destructive to the social fabric of 
Ontario and to our economy.

Please help:  we can't do this alone! The starving and homeless and
poor and dying of Ontario need your help.

government of Ontario regime's religious bigiotry, and intolerance.

011 41 229 179 011

You can also call Harris' office to voice your opposition to his hateful,
discriminatory policies.

1-705-474-8340 is his home riding office
1-416-325-1941 is the Queen's Park office
1-416-325-3745 is his fax machine.

Please help - he has cut social assistance to a point where he 

His wife left him, some suspect because he beat her. 
No one knows why -> but it is certainly a first for 
a leader in North America to have a spouse abandon them
*DURING* a term of office.  She took the children with her.
The finance Minsiter, Ernie Eeves wife is also divorcing him.

When you look into their eyes the light is wrong.

Call for an examination of the psychological fitness to goivern of
Michale D. Harris, Ernie Eves, Janet Ecker and John Baird.

In Canada, police and armed forces personel undergo mandatory testing
for psychological fitness before they are given the power they have.

The Ontario government has madee it mandatory for social services 
recipients to undergo drug and alcohol testing - if anything is
found in their system they are thrown off.  They have instituted an
anonymous snitch line.
Why not hold them to the same stipulation?

Why are 15 year olds dying as ambulances drive from hospital to 
overcrowded hospital whileHarris gets a meaner and meaner look in
his eye.

Are they fit to lead? make them prove it!

Many don't think so... let them prove they are not sadistic 
sociopaths bent on the destruction of the poor and the weak 
and the helpless.  Ottawa's downtown core is filled with homeless
peole with mental illnesses. :-(

they cannot fight from where they are, freezing and starving.

They need your help.

What kind of government would let this happen?

This is Canada, not Sierra Leone...

Help us demand that they submit to testing to prove they are
not insane and dangerous and unfit to lead Ontario.

When people are afraid to speak out and complain to the government
for fear of retribution it'sa  short trip to a fascist state.

Thank you for your help!

-The Unofficial Conspiracy to Save Ontario in coalition with the
Common Sense Government Working Group.




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