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TV - Biotech coverage - CPAC: today & next week

CPAC  (24 in Ottawa - Cable Public Affairs Channel - once the "parliamentary
channel") has been doing extensive coverage of the whole GE/GMO debate.
These are programs to tell your friends about, to work for public awareness
of this important issue.  

(With apologies if you receive duplicates of this - just use that 'delete'

Wed. Jan. 26,  5 pm - 7 pm :
     The evening session of internationally-renowned speakers at last 
weekend's  Citizens' Forum on Genetic Engineering  -   presented by the
Council of Canadians, Greenpeace and Biotech Action Montréal  -   at the 
Biosafety Protocol sessions in Montréal.

Maude Barlow: Political activist, author, policy critic and outspoken 
crusader against the WTO

Jeremy Rifkin: Author of  "The Biotech Century" and "Beyond Beef", 
president of the Foundation on Economic Trends in Washington, D.C.

Chee Yoke Ling: Lawyer with the Third World Network, working on laws 
to control corporations involved in biotechnology and the patenting 
of life forms.

Wed. Jan. 26,  7 pm - 8 pm :
      The Bus to Montreal - Ottawa activists and their trip to the Citizens'
the rally at the BioSafety Protocol meeting headquarters organized by Biotech 
Action Montréal, and some of the workshops and lecture sessions.

Mon. Jan 31 through Fri. Feb 4 :
CPAC's acclaimed series on biotechnology  -  specific times to follow later
-  the highest-response series that CPAC has ever shown.

BTW, The Canadian Health Food Assoc. (the health food stores) brought *31,000*
petition signatures to Parliament Hill yesterday morning, demanding
mandatory labelling,  and a bus-load of dynamite demonstrators from Toronto. 

Regards  -  Katherine
     Katherine Gunn           kgunn@cyberus.ca          Ottawa, Canada 
                << Comfort the afflicted, but afflict the comfortable >>
                              (St.Louis Post Dispatch,  long ago).

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