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Job Posting: Svend Robinson's office

Job Posting (Deadline for submissuions THIS FRIDAY!)
Federal New Democrat Caucus

Office:		Svend Robinson, MP (Burnaby-Douglas) 

Location:		Ottawa Office

Position:		Legislative Assistant


This person has overall responsibility for research related to the member's
critic areas (Foreign Affairs and International Human Rights) and
legislative work.

Specific duties include:

 Research and prepare speeches, speaking notes, Question Period notes 
 Brief Member on emerging issues
 Prepare written text for householders, direct mail and media materials
 Develop and maintain useful research materials and files related to the
critic area
 Log, respond to and file all critic area correspondence
 Work closely with NGOs and be responsible for outreach
 Work co-operatively with the Administrative Assistant to ensure all Ottawa
office related tasks are dealt with expeditiously
 Monitor Question Period, Hansard, Order Paper and Committee minutes as


 Ability to meet deadlines and produce under pressure
 Demonstrated experience in dealing with the non-governmental sector
 Strong written, research and organizational skills
 Ability to determine priorities and deliver a comprehensive research and
policy agenda
 Ability to work well in a team environment
 Strong computer skills including use of Microsoft Word & Microsoft Access
 Sound knowledge of the NDP, its policies and programs
 Bilingualism is an asset

Salary:			$35,000 plus additional benefits

Closing Date:		January 28th, 2000

Commencing date:	As soon as possible after closing date

Send applications to:	Svend Robinson, MP
				366 West Block
				House of Commons
				Ottawa, ON   K1A 0A6
				(613) 992-5501 (fax)

Note:  A collective agreement is in effect between the Parliamentary
Association of Support Staff (PASS) and Federal New Democratic Caucus. A ten
working day appeal period outlined in article 13(c) applies to this
position.  All terms and conditions of the Collective Agreement apply to
this posting and to this position.

All applications will be received and held in confidence.

The NDP is an employment equity employer.

                   Richard Sanders 
Coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)
  541 McLeod St., Ottawa Ontario Canada  K1R 5R2

      Tel.:  613-231-3076    Fax: 613-231-2614
                 Email: ad207@ncf.ca

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