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This Wednesday is the BIG DAY... don't forget cuts to post-secondary
education hurt us all ... spread the word...come out and show your
support... quality education is a right!

STUDENT STRIKE - Wednesday February 2nd

7AM -10AM Info-Picket line at Bronson Entrance
Come out as early as you can... (hot beverages provided!)

10:00AM: Demonstration @ Brewer Park (across from Bronson entrance)
Buses to Ottawa U. leave immediately afterwards.

U. of Ottawa, Carleton, St. Paul's U and local high schools RALLY @ Ottawa

Then march to Parliament Hill (past the Ministry of Finance on Laurier and
then past the Royal Bank, Scotia Bank and BCNI at Metcalfe and Sparks).

12:00PM:  BIG DEMONSTRATION Parliament Hill

Speakers list:
Liz Carlyle (Canadian Federation of Students)
Jim Turk (Canadian Association of University Teachers)
James Pratt (Carleton University Students' Association)
Stephane Tremblay (Bloc Québecois)
Alexa McDonough (on behalf of Libby Davies, NDP HRDC Critic)
Judy Darcy (Canadian Union of Public Employees, National)
Joan Grant-Cummings (National Action Committee on the Status of Women)
Maude Barlow (Council of Canadians)
Joel Duff (National Graduate Council, CFS)

-Carleton students (grad and undergrad) voted 87% in favor of this strike.
- Carleton University Senate voted unanimously in favor of Academic Amnesty
for Feb. 2nd (students cannot be penalized for missing that day and no
assignments, tests, presentations are to be scheduled)
-CUASA (the Professors union) is in full support of the strike... they
are funding the buses from Carleton to Ottawa U!
-Jim Watson the  Mayor of Ottawa has endorsed the Access 2000 campaign,
February 2nd has been declared by the City of Ottawa "Access 2000 Day" !!
-T.A.s, R.A.s and Sessional Lecturers (CUPE 4600) voted 94% in favor of
walking out on February 2nd.

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