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> Message #1 of the General Strike Council (CGH) of the National Autonomous
> University of Mexico
> February 6, 2000
> To all the Peoples of the World,
> To all the University Students of the World,
> To The NGO's, To Civil Society,
> To the Workers, Campesinos, and Indigenous Peoples,
> To All Types of Women Struggling Against All Types of Oppression,
> This is an urgent call by the General Strike Council of the UNAM
> Today February 6th 2000, thousands of military police belonging to the
> "Federal Preventive Police" body violated the university's autonomy and
> militarily occupied the largest University in Latin America.
> We hold the following peoples responsible of this act of repression: The
> President of the Republic Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon, The Secretary of
> State Diodoro Carrasco, The Attorney General, Jorge Madrazo, the
> psuedo-rector, Juan Ramon De La Fuente and the official candidate of the
> PRI to the Presidency, Francisco Labastida Ochoa.
> In this action over 500 members of the CGH (we still don't know the exact
> number), who at the time were holding a plenary assembly at the
> University were taken prisoners.  At the moment of the forced eviction
> the CGH had already decided unanimously to demand that the authorities
> return to the dialogue so that negotiations could be established that
> would allow for a solution to the conflict that would not involve
> repression. The demand was made that tommorrow at 10 am the government
> meet with us at the "Palacio de Mineria."
> According to the declarations made by the Attorney General, Jorge
> Madrazo, the order to physically end the student movement was given on
> Friday February 4th.
> It is worth remembering that that same day, from 10 in the morning to 12
> at night we the CGH were involved in talks with the psuedo-rector Juan
> Ramon de La Fuente.  The President of the National Commision for Human
> Rights, Jose Soberones, who participated in these talks, officially
> declared to the press that no resolution had been reached. The curious
> thing is that this declaration was made before the talks had ended.
> With this in mind, we conclude that these "talks" were a trick. Because,
> while the rector pretended to dialogue, the plans for the repressive
> actions had already been prepared.
> At the plenary assembly that was interrupted by the police, it had
> already been decided that if the police raided the university the CGH
> would meet in exhile (we will give you more information on this as the
> day goes on).
> Another accord of the CGH is that we will not exchange prisoners for our
> demands. We demand the immediate release of the nearly one thousand
> Political Prisoners that belong to the CGH!
> We ask for your soldarity
> We ask that you urgently take all the actions of solidarity that are
> possible. We suggest that you: hold activities in front of Mexican
> embassies and consulates; that you manifest your support of the CGH and
> that you protest this police action, that you translate and disseminate
> our communiques.
> In the next bulletin we will send you the faxes and adresses of the
> MExican governments buildings.
> 	SO that our six demands are met!
> 	Liberty for the Political Prisoners!
> 	No to the Privatization of education!
> 	Down with Neoliberalism and the Plans of the IMF and World Bank!
> 	That our hearts open so that we may spread dignity to all our
> 	brothers and sisters, and so that our rage explodes in the hands of
> 	oppressor.
> Consejo General de Huelga de la UNAM (CGH-UNAM)
> Mexico D.F., domingo 6 de Febrero (9:15 a.m.)

Soha Al-Haddad
VC Administration
Canadian Graduate Council

520-2600, ext. 8270

"I call biotech and patenting and so on the colonization of the future.
 And I think it is something we can't allow to be colonized. The
 colonization of the past only has some victims in the world.  The
 colonization of the future has us all in solidarity,"

				Vandana Shiva

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