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GP Solar Car Slide Show Feb. 15th

The Ottawa Greens invite everyone to the first of new monthly gatherings:

WHEN:  Tuesday February 15th, 7:30-9:30 p.m.
WHERE: Conservation Co-op, 140 Mann Ave. (in the Common Room)

WHAT:  Slide Show and Talk on SOLAR CARS, by Richard Guy Briggs
                followed by a social hour, with refreshments provided

Richard has participated in a number of solar car races, as a car
designer/engineer, a race team member, a race official, and an avid
photographer. These races include the World Solar Challenge in Australia,
and Sun Rayce across the United States.  He even used a solar car to get
to his wedding reception. 

He will be presenting slides and stories from his experiences and
commenting on the practical potential of solar car technology.  The slide
show will last approximately one hour, with a social hour to follow.

For more information, call Andrew at 565-2557.  You can also check
Richard's web site at www.conscoop.ottawa.on.ca/rgb/ .

Everyone is welcome.

The Conservation Co-op is located on Mann between Marlborough and
Goulburn, and is accessible by OC Transpo route #16. 

The Ottawa Green Party will be hosting monthly informative and social
evenings like this, related to Green policies, on the 3rd Tuesday of each
month. If you're interested in attending future events, or even presenting
at one, please call 860-1330.

The local Green Party web site is www.flora.org/green/ .

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