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Support anti-pesticides bill C-388 - write or phone

The word is that support is building for this important bill, but it will need 
everyone's pressure to get make it a reality - please act now.

Dear Fellow Canadians concerned about pesticides in residential areas,

Great news! For many years, citizens have been pleading with local,
provincial and federal officials to ban the cosmetic use of pesticides in
residential areas. We have educated people about the environmental and
human health effects of exposure to pesticides, and about ecological
alternatives for lawns and gardens. We have worked for the day when
chemical spraying in our neighbourhoods will be stopped completely. Well:
now there is real hope!

Marlene Jennings, Liberal MP for NDG-Lachine (in Montreal) has drafted a
private member's Bill: "An Act to prohibit the use of chemical pesticides
for non-essential purposes."

Bill C-388 had its first reading on 1 December 1999. The Summary of the
Bill reads: "The purpose of this enactment is to place a moratorium on the
cosmetic use of chemical pesticides in the home and garden and on
recreational facilities such as parks and golf courses, until scientific
evidence that shows that such use is safe has been presented to Parliament
and concurred in by a parliamentary committee."

Now, we need everyone concerned about this issue please to take four simple
but urgent steps to get the Bill made into a government bill (i.e.
supported by either the Minister of Health or the Environment), so that it
is fast-tracked and passed by Earth Day (22 April) 2000. What a great step
that would be! (Private members' bills often languish at first reading
stage for years!)

To assist us in this ambitious plan, please:

1) Call  Marlene Jennings' office and tell her how delighted you are with her 
initiative: Tel: 613-995-2252, Fax: 613-996-1481, <jennim@parl.gc.ca>.  
Ask for  a copy of Bill C-388 if you want one (Not yet  available on the 
parliamentary web site - Feb. 7/00)

2) Immediately contact your own MP to tell her/him about the existence of
Bill C-388 and request that s/he ask that it be made a government bill
immediately. (S/he should tell Ministers Rock and Anderson that
constituents are calling for the Bill to be fast-tracked.)

3) Contact the Ministers of Health and the Environment themselves to ask
that Bill C-388 be made a government bill and that urgent action be taken
to get it enacted by 22 April 2000:

The Hon. Allan Rock, Tel: 613-957-0200, Fax: 613-952-1154, rocka@parl.gc.ca
(some servers have sent back an "unsendable message". If that happens, try
<Rock.A@parl.gc.ca )

The Hon. David Anderson, Tel: 613-996-2358, Fax: 613-952-1458,
andersd@parl.gc.ca (or if your server has problems with that, please try

4) Please pass this information on to anyone in your network who could help.

Thank you very much for your support in this urgent action.
Best wishes,

Merryl Hammond, Founder, Citizens for Alternatives to Pesticides

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