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wed. feb. 16: radioactivists meeting

* Please forward to friends *

You're invited to join the Radioactivists, a new activist group at

Next Meeting:
Wednesday, February 16, 3pm
at OPIRG-Carleton, 326 Unicentre, Carleton University
(OC Transpo buses #4, #7, #117)

Radioactivists raise awareness about problems with nuclear power, and
advocate environment-friendly alternatives such as solar and wind energy.
This year, we will also be focusing on the proposed construction of 
CANDU nuclear reactors at Akkuyu Bay, in southern Turkey.

The proposed site is located near the Ecemis complex, an active fault. 
If there were an earthquake there, radioactive fallout could devastate
Mediterranean countries including Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon,
Palestine, Israel, Greece, Egypt and Italy. In addition, the proposed
export of CANDU reactors poses serious risks of nuclear proliferation,
threatening the peace in the Middle East. A number of countries have
developed nuclear weapons with the help of Canadian nuclear exports. 
Could Turkey be the next country to build the bomb with help from Canada?
Please join us, and work for sustainable and peaceful alternatives to
nuclear power.

For More Information:
For information, contact OPIRG-Carleton at 520-2757 or opirg@carleton.ca.
For other sources of information about nuclear power and environment-
friendly alternatives, as well as information about the Akkuyu project,
click here:

Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout <http://www.cnp.ca/>
Diaspora <http://www.diaspora-net.org/nuclear/>
The Izmit Earthquake and the Akkuyu Nuclear Plant Proposal, 
by Dave Martin, Nuclear Awareness Project 
Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility <http://www.ccnr.org/>
See also the Peace and Environment News, February 2000, p. 6 
and the Charlatan, February 10, 2000, p. 14.

No More Chernobyls!
Help stop the Akkuyu project - please write letters to your member of
parliament, and: Prime Minister Jean Chrétien; Lloyd Axworthy, Minister of
Foreign Affairs; Pierre Pettigrew, Minister of International Trade; 
Paul Martin, Minister of Finance; Mac Harb, MP Ottawa Centre; 
John Manley, Minister of Industry. Postage is free! Address is: 
House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6.

(Sample letter:)

Prime Minister Chrétien,
I urge you to stop the proposed sale of CANDU reactors to Turkey, because:
* Severe earthquakes are common in Turkey. An earthquake could damage a
nuclear plant, leading to the release of radioactive fallout throughout
the Mediterranean region.
* CANDU reactors produce plutonium, which could be used by Turkey to make
nuclear bombs.
* Canadian taxpayers should not be responsible for a $1.5 billion loan to
Turkey, at a time when education and healthcare are suffering.
* I am concerned about human rights violations.
(Name & Address)

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