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Historical Environmental Illness Bill Passes First Reading -letters of support are urgently needed

Dear list member:
Thank you for reading this urgent request for letters of support of Bill
C-416, the Environmental Illness (EI) Bill put forward by M.P. Greg
Thompson, the P.C. Health Critic.

We know that if we get the same kind of lobby engine behind C-416 which is
being tracked the world-over by sufferers and governments alike, we too
should see it go from an Opposition Bill to a Government Bill. Minister Rock
will be the key-note speaker at the first National Conference on MCS-CFS-FM
in November and he would do well to come to the conference with the
government Bill on Environmental Illness (EI) passed and in effect.   The
theme of the 2000 conference is the commitment made in Ottawa at the WHO
sponsored conference on health promotion where the Ottawa Charter on Health
promotion was initiated. It promised Health for All by 2000 and we would all
be pleased if the government ran with the Thompson Bill.

Minister Rock will be able to say in his opening remarks as our key-note
speaker which will be on the exact anniversary of the '86 Ottawa Charter,
that his government has ensured that there is health for all by 2000 and
that that now includes persons with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS),
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia (FM) as well.

We ask each of you to send the Feb 7 EISC Press Release (see our website:
http://www.eisc.ca)  as well as our request for letters of support for C-416
to people in your own networks so that we expect to see thousands of
letters - from around the world - coming in.  THIS will encourage Minister
Rock to take the Bill and re-issue it as a government Bill.

Our thanks go out to all for their empathy, for acting on behalf of this
historical Bill and, for making a difference for the 4.5 million Canadians
already affected.

Yours in health,
Judith Spence, RN

The Environmental Illness Society of Canada
La société canadienne pour les sensibilités environnementales
536 Dovercourt Avenue  Ottawa  ON  K2A 0T9
Tel: (613) 728-9493    Fax: (613) 728-1757   http://www.eisc.ca

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