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contract posting


Project Contract:
To design workshops on poverty and violence against women for the CLC
National Women's Conference, June 11-14, 2000.  The conference will focus on
the themes and demands of the World Women's March 2000.

The Canadian Labour Congress is accepting applications from individuals
interested in designing workshops on poverty and violence against women for
the CLC National Women's Conference this June.

The successful applicant will work with a small Women's Conference
coordinating committee and staff of the Women's and Human Rights Department.
She will have a solid background in popular education and will have
demonstrated capacity to integrate an anti-racist, anti-discrimination and
feminist analysis in her work.  Expertise is particularly required in the
following areas:  non-standard employment and social security change impacts
on women, violence in the community and in the media, women's community
responses and new organizing models.

Value of the contract:  $2,300.00

Please send letters of application with a sample of recent work to
Penni Richmond,
Director, Women's and Human Rights Department,
Canadian Labour Congress,
2841 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, ON,
fax (613) 521-3113, email: prichmond@clc-ctc.ca

Application deadline:  March 7th, 2000

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