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rescue mission for our health care system

ambulances are racing to alberta as part of a health care campaign by the
canadian union of public employees to rescue alberta (and the rest of
canada) from ralph klien's health care privatization agenda.  one of these
ambulances - it left from halifax on feb. 14th - will be in ottawa next
tuesday, feb. 29th.

the canadian union of public employees (CUPE) is organizing a media event
calling attention to the urgency of this rescue mission on parliament hill,
at 11:00 am on tuesday.  the ambulance will be joined by hospital beds and
gurneies to dramatize the threat of privatization to our health care system
(hence the need for a rescue mission).

you can help!  join health care workers on the hill for the action.  if you
would like to help out with the action - should be a little bit of fun -
join us on the hill at about 10:45 am on tuesday.

for more information, e-mail briane@tao.ca

brian edgecombe

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