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Sowing Seeds Workshop

Title: Sowing Seeds Workshop
Sowing Seeds Workshop in Toronto

In honor of 2000: The Year of the Humane Child, the Center for Compassionate Living will be offering two Sowing Seeds Humane Education Workshops.  The first, April 1-2, 2000, will be held at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, and will be jointly sponsored by the
university's International Institute for Global Education.

The 2-day workshop will teach activists, educators, students, and concerned citizens how to become effective humane educators.  Sowing Seeds is an exciting, interactive program based on the premise that inspiring compassion and respect among youth, and teaching critical thinking, are the keys to
building a humane and sustainable future.

For information about the Sowing Seeds workshop, or to receive a registration brochure, contact Debbie Ozarko at dozarko@cyberus.ca (613-225-8821) or the Center for Compassionate Living, P.O. Box 260, Surry, ME 04684, ph/fax: 207 667-1025, e-mail: ccl@acadia.net