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Fwd: [corp-focus] Corp-focus listserve announcement

Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 20:10:46 -0500 (EST)
From: Robert Weissman <rob@essential.org>
To: corp-focus@venice.essential.org
Subject: [corp-focus] Corp-focus listserve announcement
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We are sending out the following message in an effort to build the
circulation of corp-focus. If you think the listserve is useful,
interesting or amusing, please forward the announcement message below to
friends, colleagues and relevant lists. Thanks.

Robert Weissman


Corp-Focus is a moderated listserve which distributes the weekly column
"Focus on the Corporation," co-authored by Russell Mokhiber, editor of
Corporate Crime Reporter, and Robert Weissman, editor of Multinational
Monitor magazine.

To subscribe to Corp-Focus, send an e-mail message to
corp-focus-request@lists.essential.org with "subscribe" in the text of the

Or, you can subscribe from the web at

Focus on the Corporation scrutinizes the multinational corporation -- the
most powerful institution of our time. Once a week, it reports and
comments critically on corporate actions, plans, abuses and trends.
Written with a sharp edge and occasional irreverence, Focus on the
Corporation covers:

* Globalization and corporate power;

* The double standards which excuse corporations for behavior (e.g.,
causing injury, accepting welfare) widely considered criminal or shameful
when done by individuals;

* Trends in corporate economic blackmail, political influence and
workplace organization;

* Industry-wide efforts to escape regulation, silence critics, employ new
technologies or consolidate business among a few companies;

* Specific, extreme examples of corporate abuses: destruction of
communities, trampling of democracy, poisoning of air and water; and

* The corporatization of our culture.

You can check out back columns, and information about Mokhiber and
Weissman's book, Corporate Predators: The Hunt for MegaProfits and the
Attack on Democracy, at <http://www.corporatepredators.org>. To go
directly to back columns, go to

Please post this notice on relevant lists, and accept our apologies for


Focus on the Corporation is a weekly column written by Russell Mokhiber
and Robert Weissman. Please feel free to forward the column to friends or
repost the column on other lists. If you would like to post the column on
a web site or publish it in print format, we ask that you first contact us
(russell@essential.org or rob@essential.org).

Focus on the Corporation is distributed to individuals on the listserve
corp-focus@lists.essential.org. To subscribe to corp-focus, send an e-mail
message to corp-focus-request@lists.essential.org with the text: subscribe

Focus on the Corporation columns are posted at

Postings on corp-focus are limited to the columns. If you would like to
comment on the columns, send a message to russell@essential.org or

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